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Monday, October 27, 2014

In Tha Muthahood...LOVE this!! You gotta check this out!!

So very funny!! My sister posted this on my FB profile and I thought I MUST post this..NJOY!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Top Ten Money Saving Tips to Keep Meals tight and on BUDGET!

When I first got married our weekly grocery 

budget was...wait for it...

you best sit down!! 

$25/week!! YIKES!! Totally TRUE! 


Awww... How cute were we? Circa 1994


We made about $850/month NET between the both of us!! NO lie. 

Easy and QUICK Homemade Creamy Tomato Soup from Scratch!!

Crisp Fall Evenings...

Pic Credit

Just seem to call for Soup!

Velvety- Rich and Creamy Tomato Soup

What do you do when you are out of tomato soup? 

Why make it from scratch Of COURSE!!! Not only will be it cheaper and healthier- it will be tastier too!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cheap and East Budget Friendly Meal Plan: 10-6-12, 2014

I am SO excited!!!  

This week I decided to become an Independent Consultant for Jamberry Nails!! This is a vinyl nail wrap company featuring 300+ designs of the most fashionable and gorgeous designs, french manicures and if that isn't enough customers can create customizable wraps using Jamberry Nails' Nail Art Studio!! 

One of my favorite Jam'icures using: PuppyLove,MadMod, Wh MiniPolka& StormySeas
Another ex: Autism Awareness w/White Clear Chevron








LOVE this french w/Skyline JN Wraps!!


 If you would like to order directly from me or host a FB party click here!

To order a sample (FREE SHIPPING) please inbox me your address and I will send you a free accent nail to try before you buy!!:

Ok, now on to the menu plan!! This week with so much activity  launching my Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant party and getting the word out about my newest venture plus taking care of my Social Media Marketing Business, homeschooling, Co-Op, AHG, AWANA, my Bi-monthly facial treatments, teacher's conference, bible study, soccer lesson, and Fall Festival trip on Sat...I NEED something QUICK & SIMPLE this week!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Budget Friendly Easy & Quick Family Meals: Sept 29-Oct. 5, 2014

Phweeee! We just had one of the busiest weeks yet! 

Most days we had 3 events in 

3 different cities on the SAME day!!

Thankfully this week is decidedly slower with only 4 events spread out over the entire week. Our budget has gotten tighter so we really needed to buckle down on the fast food hard when you are all the state and you have kids to feed lunch and snacks. Not only does it get costly it is void of any REAL nutrition, so I had a ton on prep work on grocery day that paid off!

Here are some tips on road trip lunch & snacks*
  • Good eating starts with GOOD PLANNING! Plan your snacks and all other meals so you have good tasty options PLUS you won't go back to the store and spend extra $ on things you inevitably will purchase along with those snacks for the kids.
  • Look at the prepackaged snacks for inspiration! They have some nifty ideas that you can duplicate at home for nickles on the dollar!
  • As soon as you get home from grocery store scrub, clean, dice, peel, slice, & package produce for a quick "grab & go" snack
  • Designate a "lunch/Snack Grab & Go" area in your fridge and pantry. I remove all dry snack items from boxes and place in a bin in the pantry to save space and allow easy viewing of supplies. Maybe it's only my house, but it never fails if I leave snacks in the boxes, I will think we are fine on snacks bc of ALL those boxes still in the pantry...HA!  Empty boxes...Ergo, all snacks are REMOVED from boxes, neatly arranged in their bins & boxes are PROMPTLY placed in recycling bins.
  • Freeze drink boxes, they will help keep food cold until lunch time and will thawed but icy cold in a few hours! BE sure to wrap in strong paper(cloth would be best) napkin. This has double duty: #1- will hold in moisture from thawing juice box and prevent soggy sandwiches & #2- you will be have a nice moist towel to wipe that jelly off your fingertips and face!
*More on this on a future post-will link here once posted! 

Breakfast Choices:
cold oatmeal cereal, Pancakes, Toast w/Jelly, Smoothies, Fresh Fuit, Cold Whole grain Cereal, Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, Bacon and eggs of choice.

Lunch Options:
  • Left Over zucchini patties & carrots with dippings, 
  • pizza-dillas w/ applesauce & chopped salad
  • Fish-cakes on whole grain w homemade tarter sauce and dilled potatoes with grilled asparagus, 
  • Cheese, Crackers, Veggies munchies w/dip and fresh fruit, Chopped Veggie Salad w/chilled fruit cup
  • PBJ on toasted rounds with veggie chips and fresh fruit
  • Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup
  • Grilled Veggies, hummus, Felafels on homemade pitas, and fresh fruit

Supper Selections:

Meatless Monday:
Zucchini Patties w/Tahini Sauce, Mushroom Quinoa Pilaf
Tomato & Cucumber Salad

Beef Stroganoff over Noodles w/Mixed Greens Salad

Crunchy Coated Chicken w/Tomato & Basil Cream Sauce over Pasta, Mixed Greens Salad, Fresh Fruit Cup 

Kielbasa Sausage Links w/Romanian Cabbage, Mac & Cheese and Jello Cup

Fish Tacos w/Honey-Cumin Cilantro Slaw & Chipotle Mayo
Fish Friday:
Fish-Tacos w/Honey-Cumin-Cilantro Slaw and Chipotle Mayo on Homemade Puffy Tacos (Seriously? YUMMY!)

Homemade Pizza & Calazones w/homemade Pizza Sauce, Fresh Salad Green w/Balsamic Vinegar, Grilled Nilla Banana Pudding Boats.

Crock Pot Carribbean Jerked Chicken, Artichoke Hearts w/Herbed Couscous, & Chilled Fresh Fruit. 

Snacks Offerings:
Salted Caramel Greek, Vanilla or Peach Yogurts, Cottage Cheese, String Cheese, Puddings, Jellos, Chunk Cheese, Grapes, bananas, Peaches, Apples, Cucumber Spears, Carrots, Broccoli florets, Cauliflower, whole grain crackers, Dip, popcorn, applesauce, juice boxes, water, Hard boiled eggs, peanut butter crackers, dried fruit, & granola bars.

Linked to Menu Mondays!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Budget Friendly Easy & Quick Family Meals: Sept 22-28,2014

My daughter and husband are going camping with her American Heritage Girls Troop this weekend, they will have a great time and it will also mean mommy and son time too! 

The menu will reflect those 2 not eating dinner on Friday but a small meal with my son and a side dish for the "Cracker Barrel" style meal they will be eating. Saturday's plans are equally exciting as we are going to a "SIT-IN" movie theater at my bestie's house, so simple side dish and dessert to share there too! 

I am looking forward to all this FUN this weekend!! Funny as I am typing the menu I see a pattern... LOL!! Someone is CRAVING Mediterranean food!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Kitchen Sink Frittata...The EASY way!!

Nearly every Sunday evening we have this for dinner, I do a plan a meal for Sunday, but we typically eat that meal when we get home from church famished!! By 5:30 we are all ready for a light bite!

 I will take a peak in the produce drawer of my fridge and see what is left or the "Smoothie" bin in my freezer. Typically I will use whatever is on hand and ready to go bad since I do my grocery shopping on Mondays- it's "use it now or pitch it!"  

Pic Credit

In my 20's before I was married, I had a roommate whose parents were straight from Sicily and the food...oh the FOOD, I was introduced to!! Delicious treats such as Frittatas that I am featuring today. Her technique is fussy & I never could master it, so when I have found the technique I am showing much simpler without sacrificing taste I was excited!