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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Izak's Elmo 1st Birthday Party

Close up of the cup cone, toppers, and carrier.

Boutique Bow I made with ribbons I got for a steal. All the girls got them in a favor bucket along w/a crayon roll, crayons, elmo coloring book, and small Elmo board book.

Elmo choclate covered Oreo cookies, square cake wrapped with a ribbon and Elmo Cake Topper I made with "Emlo's Party".Cup Cake Cones topped with Elmo Toppers.  I made a cup cake cone carrier by wrapping a Cherio box with Elmo coloring w/crayons wrapping paper I got for $1, I then hot glued a ribbon around the box and glued crayons around the box.

Fruit Skewers with Elmo sign, waving Elmo and Dorthy.

Birthday boy with Aunt Lori

A poster I made of Izak's first year, turned out really cute!

I was going to use the crayons to line the walk way to Elmo air walker but wasn't able to. IT was so windy we had to tape Elmo up so he wouldn't blow away.

Made the Crayons from the Pin the Crayon on Elmo's hand game and made 11" crayons. I used blue paper and colored the "crayon" part with red marker and used red glitter glue over the top of it.

U can barely see, but the banner in the background is the Birthday Banner from Elmo's Party. It was really cute!

Elmo, Dorthy, and Crayons I made for the center pieces,