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Monday, March 17, 2014

Kitchen Sink Frittata...The EASY way!!

Nearly every Sunday evening we have this for dinner, I do a plan a meal for Sunday, but we typically eat that meal when we get home from church famished!! By 5:30 we are all ready for a light bite!

 I will take a peak in the produce drawer of my fridge and see what is left or the "Smoothie" bin in my freezer. Typically I will use whatever is on hand and ready to go bad since I do my grocery shopping on Mondays- it's "use it now or pitch it!"  

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In my 20's before I was married, I had a roommate whose parents were straight from Sicily and the food...oh the FOOD, I was introduced to!! Delicious treats such as Frittatas that I am featuring today. Her technique is fussy & I never could master it, so when I have found the technique I am showing much simpler without sacrificing taste I was excited!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Menu Mondays: March 17-23, 2014- Weekend Potlck Recipes~ Sandwiches for DINNER!!

I love searching "WEEKEND POTLUCK" for INSPIRATION from ALL of the delicious recipes that other bloggers submit to this awesome linky party for my weekly menus! 

I will often contribute my own recipes & have gotten to dialog a bit with a few of the 5 Hostesses, whom oversees this linky party, & they are very nice ladies!! 



 How it works: The recipe with the most "clicks" will be featured the following week, on each of the 5 hostesses' blogs, plus what recipe caught the 5-H's attention collectively, then each individual hostess will mention their personal favorite entry recipe...

Friday, March 14, 2014

Knock OFF Shamro## Shakes

I know everyone and thier mother has a recipe...this one really tastes just like the real thing to my family!!

Now you don't have to wait all year for March come so you can savor the minty sensation of a Shamro## Shake...

You have the power to make it whenever you are feeling a little Irish!!

Making Iced Tea SMACK! DAB! in the middle of winter!!

I am soooooooooooooooooo 

OVER this winter!!!

... And that says a lot, because I love winter, the snow looks like diamonds, the air is crisp and clean PLUS~ I know freezing temps will KILL BUGS & SPIDERS!!! 

Well at least keep them from getting to a mutant-steroid size like you guys or y'all get down south!!


Nonetheless, I am in the mood for REAL Iced Tea, I have been "fudging" it with instant Peach Iced Tea packets, but they are only an imitation not worthy of the freshly made counterpart!!