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Friday, April 29, 2011

Night b4 the big event

The cake turned out so much better than my first attempt, wow, amazing how much help doing a trial run will help u with little tips and hints. What I learned.

Make sure u use enough eggs, turn down temp to 325 if u I am using a dark metal pan and add on 3-5 mins, freeze cake b4 u ice it-helps with the crumbling, use some support if u r doing any kind of cake sculpturing, shiny metal pans cook cakes better, use a thin layer of crumb frosting to get smoother frosting, and the squeeze can frosting tips are pretty cool.

I make cake pops, WOW, what a TEDIOUS procedure, ughhh!! I have learned some little diddies that will make it go faster next time, though this is a time consuming and messing little treat. It is very tasty, the jury is still out if I will attempt it again, But I do hate not conquering things, I like to make it as perfect as I can, then and only then do I feel comfortable with choosing not to do some project again. Not b.c I didn't get it perfect. What I learned about making cake pops:

Make sure u don't use too much icing, 10-12 oz of frosting with a 9X13 sheet cake is the perfect amount-too much icing will make it not set up as nicely, do let the cake cool b4 u add the frosting-it gets too sticky otherwise, place the bowl with the cake/icing mixture in fridge or freezer b4 shaping into balls, shape into balls-small portions at a time and leave rest in fridge, then allow to cool again b4 u insert the lollipop sticks. I used a toddler shoe box with holes poked into the lid to allow the pops to set up, in the future I think it will be easier to use flat styrofoam, dip the pops in batches, don't allow it to get to room temp, I did this over 2 say period, I made the pops one day and dipped them the next I would do like that again, that way I one day of dipping and one day of making so I don't get irritated.
Don't let chocolate get too hot or too cool, use a deep mug and slightly angle the pop upward and gently tap the sides while u twirl the stick. Make sure u spend more time shaping, b.c it is too hard to reshape the balls and if u didn't get them very smooth u can add sprinkles or drizzle other color of choco to hid imperfections. Allow the pops to harden in fridge or freezer then store in freezer bag up to a week.

I will post pics of all projects I did for princess party, I didn't do the tissue pom-poms, just ran out of time, I really think they would have added to the party, but I just ran out of time and patience. I hope I am able to translate in real life what I have seen in my head for the past few months and Kissi and her guests enjoy the food, games, music, decors, and favors!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

As the day QUICKLY approaches to the PRINCESS SOIREE!!

I was so exhausted from my first day of work, I finally am starting to feel like normal, good thing I am waiting 3 more weeks until I add on another day, might need the time to build up my stamina after soo many surgeries the past 10 months.

I made the marshmallow wands, they turned out cute- I placed marshmallows on 6" lollipop sticks and then half dipped marshmallows in pink chocolate and sprinkled the top in lg sugar crystals. I poked holes in the lid of some shoe boxes and placed the marshmallows in the holes to dry. I was able to re-purpose some shoe boxes and it worked fairly well, I think the stryofoam would have worked better, but since I am trying to this as cheap as possible, free works for me. Plus I will use this for the red velvet cake balls I am making this evening, hopefully that is not as hard as am thinking it will be.

I made buckeye pretzel candies, just buckeye filling sandwiched between 2 mini pretzels and then dipped the bottoms in white chocolate, I used the left over pink choco and drizzled the pink over the entire candy. I think it finishes it and gives it a "princessey" look. It tastes really good, sweet, salty crunchy, all the things I look for in snackies.

I also made Raspberry Ice Cheese ball-we r going to call it :"Cinderella's Shimmering Cheese Ball", got it firming up, I am going to brush on some purple luster dust, and roll into purple sanding sugar, then some sugar crystals. It is a super sweet slight sour mix that Kissi loves, I will serve it with teddy grahams and some animal crackers. I hope it sets up firm enough, I sometimes have trouble with those.

I decided to not try the tissue pom-poms, unless I get done on time.  The church day care had some on the ceiling, it looked so adorable, I hope they are still up I would love to use them, but I really don't feel like making them and then worrying they will get crumbled or torn as we pack up van. No more aggravating projects!!

I hope the castle cake tuns out better than my first attempt, I am going to try it again on Friday-if it doesn't set up right, I am going to get a plain 1/4 sheet cake at Wal-mart and place the 3-D castle on top. I hope this turns out b/c Kissi's heart is set on that cake and I am determined to make it work, I toyed with the idea of purchasing an iced 1/4 sheet cake with the icing on the side so I could make construct the cake and now it was baked right, since my oven over-bakes everything making cakes dry and crumbly. But I figure I could still mess that up and have to buy 2 cakes, so I will attempt this one more time if it doesn't go well then I won't be out an additional $15.

All I have left is, shopping for the perishables then making: the red velvet cake pops, castle cake, Oreo cream truffles, veggie dip, jelly cream sandwiches, hummus, then slicing the fruit and placing on skewers, chopping the cheese cubes for the veggie tray, peeling and slicing carrots. 

IF all goes well I might attempt the tissue pom-poms-we will see, I keep thinking I am forgetting some important detail, but with all the chaos with my dad's unexpected illness I have been scatter brained plus I didn't anticipate being so fatigued after working, then running out of baby food and then making homemade purees, just threw a wrench in my plans...