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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pony Party- Cake Pop/ Marshmallow Display Stand/Holders

I know, big title right? Not sure what to call it, Googled the basics to get the name more concise but both showed up... sooooooo here are the details if you would like to make a similar display stand/holder for your lollipops/dipped marshmallows/cake-cookie-brownie-pie pops WHATEVER IT IS YOU HAVE PLACED ON A STICK, have WORKED so hard to perfect and now wish to display! {For my tutorial on making Cake Pops near perfect ever time, click on my link here}

All you need are upcycled household items & Craft knife/exacto blade to cut holes so treats stand upright!! - it was super easy & super cheap, try basically FREE!

These did get knocked around so be kind!
 To make the rectangle display/holders I made all you need is:
  • Large Cereal Boxes
  • Brown Grocery Bags {The thinner ones made of recycled paper are easier to use}
  • Good Quality Clear strong tape
  • Hot Glue & Glue Gun
  • Ribbons of choice, preferably one(s) you all ready own to keep this FREE
  •   Good Quality Paper Scissors
  • Paper Mache Hat Box
The hardest part of this project was convincing my hubby to stop trying to throw away my grocery bags and cereal boxes, grrrrrr! I had to rescue several bags and noticed boxes gone MISSING right as I was going to make the display holders/stands..UGH!!

Details on the rectangle display holders/stands:
  1. I took a plain brown grocery bag, {the thin recycled bags that barely hold 3 grocery items work the best}. Cut down the side on the seam like you do when you make book covers, and cut off the bottom. 
  2. Tape the cereal box opening down and place on opened grocery bag graphics/wording facing up {Meaning you don't want to tape the boxes up so you end up seeing the writing on the bags when you are finished!}
  3. Cut to size and wrap tightly like you do with gifts, the use of Good Quality Strong Clear tape is a help, the cheaper brands don't hold well, ask me how I know, LOL!
  4. Use Ribbons of choice and cut to size around the circumference of the box and use small dab of hot glue to affix Ribbon. I used:
Eco-Friendly Sustainable Natural Fiber Sinamy
Natural Sinamay Fiber Ribbon in 1 & 3/4" Can be found here {it is mostly an Eco-friendly ribbon and from the link I attached are hand made by artisans in remote villages around the world - creating jobs and fair wages for hard working communities.} I got on sale CHEAP years ago!
Jute String
Red Gingham ribbon

On the paper Mache hat boxes I had painted one white however thought it was not the look I was after, so I used the one box I bought about 12 years ago or so that was left plain and I hot glued the Natural Sinamay Fiber Ribbon and red polka dot ribbon I bought last year for a hair bow favor for my son's Elmo Party click here for pics. Placed mini horses on top for effect...

Got knocked around a bit, but you get the idea!

The Cherry Pie Pops, I used a a head of lettuce and placed inside a twig basket I bought years ago that I never really utilized until now and used natural colored un-dyed crinkle paper shreds to hide the lettuce. WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN, but in the rush to get last minute touches was done in haste and just torn tissue paper was used. NOT the look I planned but sometimes you just have to go with it. I made mini buntings and used one on this twig basket, cute, huh!

For all boxes I used several cake pops/dipped marshmallows as guides to know where to cut holes, and use a craft/exacto knife to make holes. Don't make too big sticks will fall through and too small will cause paper bags to rip.

Those were cute super cheap display/stand holder (s) to show off all your hard work!

 Other ideas for a display stand holder for all your goodies you have made on a stick:
  • Shoe box either wrapped in decorative paper, painted, or left as if for a funky look
  • Any kind of box/crate you have lying around the house in a shape or size you are looking for wrapped, painted in color or design of choice, glued &/or modge podged- playing cards, copies of vintage: post cards, tags, envelopes, pictures, 
  • Mini Hay stack, left as is, outside wrapped in burlap, Sinamay or other ribbon of choice- or placed inside a decorative container
  • Foam block placed inside a decorative container, or shaped Styrofoam {Like cones or spheres}
  • AstroTurf
  • Expensive {IMO} acrylic/cardboard factory made holders like these ones
  • Placed inside a: tea pot, Terra-cotta pot, glass cup, mugs, tea or other decorative cups, vases, canning jars, upcyceld baby food jars, cookie jars, fish bowl, brandy sifter,  cup cakes or layer cake, inside hallowed out pumpkins or other decorative gourd, halved fruit like cantaloupe or watermelon,  galvanized steel wash tubs or buckets, cleaned out paint buckets with colorful coated pops, clear jars filled w/colorful candies like M&M's, Skittles, Jordan Almonds etc...
  • If you want to place them ball side down you could place them inside a small decorative suit case, cake tower, cake plates, boxes, placed inside mini cupcakes liners and displayed on trays or mirrors.

I could go on and on with ideas, I have more ideas than parties coming up, I think each party will probably be built around my cake pop display/holder ideas, LOL! For more visual ideas here is a Google link that might inspire you too!
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  1. So cute! I got your comment about the tissue poms, but I don't see a way to email you! Try only using 1 package of tissue paper (should be 8-10 sheets). Mine work great with that many sheets! Email me if you have more questions!

    Take care,


    1. Ty for the kind words....and I do, I do! I will e-mail you, ty for the offer to help!