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Friday, April 29, 2011

Night b4 the big event

The cake turned out so much better than my first attempt, wow, amazing how much help doing a trial run will help u with little tips and hints. What I learned.

Make sure u use enough eggs, turn down temp to 325 if u I am using a dark metal pan and add on 3-5 mins, freeze cake b4 u ice it-helps with the crumbling, use some support if u r doing any kind of cake sculpturing, shiny metal pans cook cakes better, use a thin layer of crumb frosting to get smoother frosting, and the squeeze can frosting tips are pretty cool.

I make cake pops, WOW, what a TEDIOUS procedure, ughhh!! I have learned some little diddies that will make it go faster next time, though this is a time consuming and messing little treat. It is very tasty, the jury is still out if I will attempt it again, But I do hate not conquering things, I like to make it as perfect as I can, then and only then do I feel comfortable with choosing not to do some project again. Not b.c I didn't get it perfect. What I learned about making cake pops:

Make sure u don't use too much icing, 10-12 oz of frosting with a 9X13 sheet cake is the perfect amount-too much icing will make it not set up as nicely, do let the cake cool b4 u add the frosting-it gets too sticky otherwise, place the bowl with the cake/icing mixture in fridge or freezer b4 shaping into balls, shape into balls-small portions at a time and leave rest in fridge, then allow to cool again b4 u insert the lollipop sticks. I used a toddler shoe box with holes poked into the lid to allow the pops to set up, in the future I think it will be easier to use flat styrofoam, dip the pops in batches, don't allow it to get to room temp, I did this over 2 say period, I made the pops one day and dipped them the next I would do like that again, that way I one day of dipping and one day of making so I don't get irritated.
Don't let chocolate get too hot or too cool, use a deep mug and slightly angle the pop upward and gently tap the sides while u twirl the stick. Make sure u spend more time shaping, b.c it is too hard to reshape the balls and if u didn't get them very smooth u can add sprinkles or drizzle other color of choco to hid imperfections. Allow the pops to harden in fridge or freezer then store in freezer bag up to a week.

I will post pics of all projects I did for princess party, I didn't do the tissue pom-poms, just ran out of time, I really think they would have added to the party, but I just ran out of time and patience. I hope I am able to translate in real life what I have seen in my head for the past few months and Kissi and her guests enjoy the food, games, music, decors, and favors!

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