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Monday, November 28, 2011

Whole Foods Eating and Natural/Green Living

So this is the start of week 2 of project get healthy at the Phillips household, there are have tears, tantrums, fits'o'plenty and we haven't even begun to talk about the kids' reactions yet!! Hubby has actually been a big support, with all the issues I have had since the birth of my sun he really wants to see me as healthy and active as I was when we met, heck I would too!!! Wouldn't we all want to be 20 again?? ON the for real though, I am feeling much better, haven't had a "flare-up" in a week that is pretty good considering I would be happy to go 3 days w/out all that drama of sulphur burps and the big "D", bloating, and extreme pain.

I was shopping for groceries and they had chicken on sale, now I haven't gone totally organic yet, would love to but prices here aren't that competitve in that market since there is only one natural foods/organic store in town. Hopefully they will bring in Trader Joes soon they have reasonable prices and Whole Foods and Earth Fare...that would be soo killer!!! Anyhooo I digresss, today I found b/s chicken breasts on sale for $1.49/LB pretty good since it's usually those GROSS IQFCB "Green Peak" that are all hormoned up and sterioded up and injected with broth to puff them up and help with the dryness of the meat. But once u thaw it out they are all jacked up looking and wabbly- eww! I promptly bought all they had in the case, 15Lbs worth much to the chagrin of post Black Friday shoppers I thought I was gonna get ganged up on for grabbing all the chix. But hey sorry, maybe I am totally rude as Jim would say, sorry man I gots to grab what deals I can. I did help some ppl find the extras in another section--they didn't even say thank you...dang I could have nabbed those too!!!

My goal was to cook some for chix kits like chix enchiladas, chix corn chowder, chix w/mushrooms and white sauce, and chix with wild rice and mushroom soup...then have some marinaded for Chinese foods, goulash, pastas, and so on.  But boy oh boy Izak was in a mood, I think Jim didn't really feed him that well, grrrr!!! Why is it when u think u have "free time" to do something like dishes, cooking, groceries bc hubby is "watching" them, u end up paying for it double later?? Izak didn't take a nap all day just was really cranky so I ended up being able to dice 5 lbs of chix w/no marinade. Just ready to sauted for whatever dish I make, then I crock pot cooked 8 bs and diced for above mentioned kits, then made "tenders" out the other 2 Lbs, Izak had it by that point. I was planning on using that portion to make stuffed shells with crimini mushroom, onion, garlic & spinach cooked in garlic roasted red pepper oil and make a parmesan sauce with a little chayene and smoked paprika. They shells wer 100% Whole wheat organic and I would going to stuff the shells with the chick mixture and some ricotta and ramono cheese..but I forgot the mushrooms and just used spinach and cottage cheese and tom sauce. Wasn't really good but were starved the kids were maniacs and Izak was crazy insane so he ate nearly 10 oz apple sauce with peas and cottage cheese. Well atleast he had veggie, dairy-some protein, and some fruit...

I did get to oven dry some grape tomatoes that were on thier last day, boy was that good! I poured olive oil over the toms and placed them in Izak's old food jars (Recycling!! how GREEN am I??). THis way I can used the toms and the olive oil for sauteing later yummy!! I think this week I will make some pizzas, I will use the fresh mozzerella I picked up along with the toms and some basil kinda and extra virgin olive oil, like a crapsie salad pizza? Maybe I will make a cauliflower crust?? That would killer with spinach and crimin's and carmelized onions and perhaps a yellow squash or zuch?? Yummy!! Good ideas here maybe I should make a menu?

I am getting the 5 Min artistian bread book 2morrw in mail and my 6 qt pail to store it, yay! Apparently u make this master dough and just mix it, leave in fridge all week and pull out what u need let rise and do some things to make it like what u want, then u have fresh bread in no time w.out all that mess. I could make pizza crust with it, chibatta style, perhaps???

I had some lemons on their last day too, so I zested them and froze it for later dishes, and took the 1C of juice and made a simple syrup with it for lemonade. I don't have room for the whole pitcher in fridge so I can add to glass as needed this way. That will be nice l8r in week.

I got the busy bag swap bags started, needed ink in the worst way, spent 30 for both ughhh!! They can't refill these kinds, bummer, so we had to bite the bullet. So I got them printed out and now I am trying to figure out how I can use contact paper to help these last, don't want to laminate bc of the expense, will have to see how that works out!

I of course ran out dish soap so I thought, well lets try DIY natural dish soap. IT can't be worse than the dish soap Jim bought I have been suffering through using! I still feel the grease after I wash them several times!! It is the reg Dawn which not to be confused with the ultra concentrate w/bleach kind, I am trying to be as non-chemical as I can on what I wash with, wear body products wise, cook and with and this just seems a natural progression. We will see how well this does, hope I don't see white filmy spots once they are dried! Worse case this experiment fails, then I go back to using Dawn to wash dishes with. I did learn last year about how clean it gets ur house so I I could use that for my multiprpose cleaner too..

Well it is like 1:30 and Jim is back to work and I will be the one up at the 5:30 am scream-feast, so I will sign off!!


  1. Oww yeah forgot we started the advent this week I used this family's idea of bring the theme hope by wrapping baby Jesus up and letting Kissi unwrap him as JIm and I told her the beginning of Jesus' prophecy..wasn't as smooth as I wanted it to be, they never are, and Kissi played with the Nativity set later, calling the Angel a "Fariy" Mary was the physically impaired mother, Joseph was this mean man who kep throwing them out and said, "WE HAVE NO ROOM FOR YOU!" like the soup nazi, LOL! Then the 3 wise men were troll and one was called Uncle Matt-he was the nice one. THe shepherd was a girl, well he did look like on in our set. Baby Jesus was one Disney princess at time or another over the 60 min I let her play with it. Hoping she would "share" the good news of Jesus too...AS we wind up the night and do our story and prayer she wishes me to call her "Baby Jesus"--hope that is not too sacrilegious! She was just so excited learning about Jesus' birth the previous years she was too young and last year was soo crazy with the injury and and recovery, and house fire, I don't even remember mentioning Jesus' birth to her at all...PWeeeeh! What day huh?? Did I mention I am sick as a dog too, feel like rotten dog poo..wish I was always this productive. I will post pics and recipes of food and product metioned, plus reviews on the dish soap-hope this works. THis week I plan on making laundry soap too...cross finger!!