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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Breakfast Banana Kabobs

What do you do when you have a ton of cereal boxes opened 
but not enough 
in one box 
to make a decent bowl for breakfast???

Make Kabobs!!

In our childhood years my sisters and I would take bananas and use it to pick up cereal from our bowls before we added the milk- we thought we were so smart!

When I had kids I showed them our little banana trick & they loved the novelty of it! Then one day in my inbox I noticed that I-Village e-mailed me breakfast ideas and I saw this pic...

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What an updated idea & the kids loved it even more  when I expanded the idea further by allowing them to prepare these tasty treats with little intervention from me! 

I allow them to:
  • Prepare the Banana- {Peel & place on skewers}
  • Dip bananas in yogurt or*other ingredient to roll bananas in
They feel so proud of themselves and grown up when they make these kabobs, especially when I "let" them make me breakfast, LOL!

I altered the recipe to fit our family, we dip the bananas in:
  • Honey, Vanilla yogurt, Peanut butter that I have slightly warmed in microwave to thin
Then Roll Banana Kabob with whatever we have on hand:
  • Left over cereal, Granola, chocolate chips, almond slivers, Coconut flakes...

Breakfast Banana Kabobs:
  • 4 - Small Bananas
  • Yogurt, Honey,  or Peanut Butter that has been heated up to thin
  • Choice of Cereal-(We use that last cup or so or cereal left in box), *Almond slivers, Chocolate Chips, Cocout Flakes, or Granola...
  • 4 wooden skewers, pointed ends dulled down
  1. Peel bananas and insert wooden skewers in center
  2. Place yogurt, warmed p.nut, butter or honey in deep enough bowl to fit bananas or heat peanut butter to thin enough to brush on bananas
  3. Pour cereal/granola/coconut flakes or other ingredients* on plate
  4. Roll banana kabob in cereal, granola, or coconut flakes 

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