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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Awesome afternoon!

What a FUN morning we had @ the Perry Branch Stark Park and Library! We started off our morning with "the Little Explorers" where we learned about snakes and colored a paper, made a craft "snake"out of beads, even got to pet to snakes, one was rough scaled and the other was smooth. Both were a pretty pink brown colored. Kissi just LOVED it. They do these FREE little classes in the LL in the Science Room and they give u these little laminated cards on rings with each months lesson so u can review key points with ur kids, really neat. They do these classes once a month and offer 2 time options and repeat the class 2 weeks later. Did I mention it was free? We sat next to a brother & sister who r home schooled, what a gr8 opportunity for homeschoolers to learn some biology. We used it as an opportunity to review the letter "S" as well as the biology aspect, it held Kissi's attention and even Izak co-operated.

Then after the class ended we took a walk outside on the trail called Stark Parks Exploration Gateway, listened to different bird calls and we now know the "call" a Cardinal & Canadian goose makes. Kissi loved it so much she imitated it the whole time we walked, LOL! We smelled the awful  scent of "skunk cabbage" that is an early spring wetland flower that releases this, well yucky skunky-cabbagey smell, aptly named of course!  But still an opportunity to teach Kissi about plant life, these little guys will even melt snow and ice to start blooming. We both agree it is through it stinky smell, the snow melts from gagging on it, LOL! Izak fell asleep as we chatted about the birds, insects, and plant life we saw as spring is upon us.

We rounded out our afternoon by going back inside and upstairs to the library and found this fun book, THE POPCORN DRAGON" a real cute book about a dragon who learns how to make and be a friend (I sound like reading rainbow, huh?") IT was so cute as I read this book to Kissi in their children's area she sat on a humongous stuffed dragon and she acted out what I read. She wanted to play with the other kids, but hung back b/c they were doing things I wouldn't let do, i.e run around and on the furniture. But soon those little kids joined us and were acting out the book too, kinda funny that book about making friends drew the kids like a magnet and Kissi had new friends to play with. 

They all looked at me and soon we had the whole areas attention as all the little ones sat the floor surrounding me as I read, I guess I have some acting/reading skillz after all. The little ones cracked me up the way the interacted with each other and me.  It was so darling the way Kissi acted like a little mother hen to the younger ones and then she directed the play, what an imagination. Kissi even used the big girl potty, that was amazing. When we came back she said, "OK, Kids, IIIIIIII'm Baaaaaccckkkk!" So funny, she NEVER saw that movie of course, but she did a perfect imitation, LOL!

Real nice time, there was the fit at the end, ughhh! Don't know how to stop her from doing it, but at least she is getting better at calming down sooner. This one little girl who was left was NOT interested in playing w/Kissi and just like I do was perplexed that this little one wasn't apart of her "fan wagon" and was determined to get her to "like" her and play with her.

Kissi tried and tried to get her to play with her, she sat by her quietly for awhile then  did everything but stand on her head to get her attention. That broke my heart, I hate seeing her deal with rejection so young, only Kissi didn't notice the girl wasn't interested, she saw this as her playing with her. I wish I had her view point. The longer I am a mommy the more I learn I want to see life through my kids' eyes. I wanted the other girl's mom to make her play with Kissi, but this one lesson that Kissi taught me, maybe some ppl need others to just sit by them quietly and allow them time to warm up to others? I quickly will "write" others off if I don't get the response I think I should, interesting day indeed!

Izak fell asleep even b4 I had his diaper changed & Kissi fell asleep as I read her the "Popcorn Dragon" book, that was nearly 4 hours ago, REALLY GOOD day!

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