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Monday, March 28, 2011

Kissi's Princess Party Preperations

I really don't know why I keep doing these ridiculous things and fussing over such small details that really are inconsequential but I am, God help me! So far I hand made Kissi's invites, I will post them soon, I cut the invites and the envelope on my cricut and wrote the invites out with the computer I had to figure out MAC rich text program to make a spreadsheet, but I did, then I used fancy cutting scissors and glued worded part inside. I embellished the front of the card with a crown that had a #3 cut out in the center. I used my Cricut like a mad woman, the invites also had a fancy cutting in the top portion that read, "PRINCESS PARTY"-really cute.

The center pieces I made are so cute I got for a steal, they are clear paint buckets (I have a feeling they will be used for many parties!), that will contain pink tissue paper enwrapping a silver balloon weight that has metallic tissue paper and sparklers. The base of the paint can will have white feather boa wrapped around it and a glass slipper hidden somewhere in the center piece. Each center piece will have one accent balloon (adults tables will have pink metallic stars Food table will have "Happy Birthday Disney Princesses" & gift table will have HUGE birthday cake) one pink, one lilac, and one white balloon. I made tags with princess icons and punched a hole in them they will attach to each balloon with a cascade of curly ribbon tumbling down about 2-3". The balloon bundles will be held tightly in a Diamond effect  making a sort of topiary with pink tulle stretching from the lowest balloon to the balloon weight about 6". I made name tags w/the girls names, so each attender gets a balloon bundle to take home (minus the paint bans!) The tables will have purple organza ribbon & pink tulle bows on each end and each chair (maybe) will have the same bows on the backs.

For the food table I made little paper dolls to resemble the Disney princesses; Belle, Ariel, Tiana, and Cinderella. I will place them on the food table beside the dishes that co-ordinate such as, Tiana's Froggy Fruit Kabobs, Bipity-Bopity-Boo Cheese Ball, Belle's Farmer's Market Tray, Under the Sea Jelly delights. The cheese ball is a really pretty Raspberry Ice Cheese ball that has white Sugar Crystal topping, I might throw in some pink sparkling crystals too. The Jelly Delights, are going to be grape jelly and strawberry cream-cheese sandwiches cut out with a "star" cookie cutter and sprinkled with purple crystal shimmer sugar, the fruit kabobs are going to be cut up strawberries, grapes (white & red), and cut up oranges all brushed with purple luster dust to make them "shimmery". They will placed in silver container with 'Karisa' in crown font with ice blue ribbon.

The name plates were cut with a beautiful tag and will attached to a pop-up place card with shimmery glitter dots accenting it. The table will be pink with "Happy Birthday" in crown fronts gracing the front of table, held together with sheer organza ribbon and twine-real shabby-chic style. This table will have 2 sets of center pieces each with a "Happy Birthday" princess balloons and I think I will make tissue paper pom-poms out of white glittery paper and hang from the area around the food and drink area and the area that well have a "princess ball dance party". IF I can get them too look right as well as this neat idea I saw for a castle container for chips-I will see if Jim can wrap it better than I can-if not I will just use Grandma Mowrer's  white mixing bowl, our lg square white bowl or crystal lg bowl. 

The drink area will have a punch bowl filled with pink lemon-aid and an ice ring with fruit frozen inside, coffee, and water bottles with customized labels I hand made with the word" Princess" on it with pink shimmery balloons I made the lettering with cricut pens and drew them in with markers and glitter glue, I hand cut each label-that when quick once I figured out how to use my slide cutter. They look cute and cost me literally pennies! I will use the counter area for the drinks to prevent over indepdant toddlers from spilling and use pink table cloth to princess it up along with princess cups I bought 24/$1 and princess plates 14/$1, napkins 48/$2 and the plates will be reg white as will the forks and coffee cups-no use spending all that money for a few plates when I get good plates for less and get mor of them!

Kids will have their size table with enter piece in smaller scale and they will also have a "craft table" for an ice breaker princess color wooden board and possibly color pages-we see how the time goes and kid's patience goes. Each chair will get the tulle-organza bow and I made the favor bag tags that resemble each princess in attendance-the girls will get a tutu, a crown, a safe wand (star foam, wooden dowel, and ribbons), a wand for home (that is pointy and a little sharp-not going to have any girl poking anyone at the party!), feather boa, and princess coloring book and princess crayons- got all of this for under $5/bag total-I think that is pretty good and not filled with sugary treats and chocking hazards!

We will have games, where a real life princess will lead! Like pin the crown on the princess, pass the glass slipper, princess parade, and princess ball dance party. First we will play pin the crown and then pass the glass slipper- we will play "glass slipper" (The glass slippers are 3" little wedding favor high heels-really cute 6/$1) like hot potato only each person who gets caught with the slipper when the music stops will get to be "princessifed"-I don't know how this will go, I think this will be a fast game so I don't loose the girls. After each winner has been princessified we will have a "princess parade", followed by a princess ball dance party. We will play Kissi's fav princess songs sprinkled in with songs that are just fun to dance to like The Chippettes and Laurie Berkner Band. I might get this bubble machine and add more fun to the party. I think if the girls r having so much fun I might let this go on and make the gift time quick. This is hard on the other girls, but I still want the gift givers to have the joy of watching Kissi open her gifts. Plus what kid doesn't want to open gifts?

The Dessert Bar, is going to feature dainty delights that princesses LOVE, such as White Chocolate Oreo cream Truffles drizzled in purple shimmery choco, Red Velvet Cake Pops which will be covered in Pink Shimmery Luster Dust Choco-very decadent,  Marshmallow Wand Pops- which will be covered in pink choco and dipped in white sugar crystals, strawberry yogurt covered raisins, pink wafer cookies, and the piece-de' resistance, will be the Enchanted Castle Cake up on the highest tier. This table will decorated in true princess fair! A pink table cloth will adorn the table with a shimmery pink fabric accented and tied with an organza ribbon in the front. The edges will have a feathery chandelle boa pink of course. The back drop with have 10 pink balloons all staggered in 2 heights with a "Little Princess" pic frame that will have a "Thank You for coming" saying or "Enjoy!" something like that.

I think I will have open "grazing time" for guests so that we keep the kids attention, I am not sure when to do the cake, I think I will do it b4 the games so the kids get the sugar rush outta their system, we will just see how that goes.

The gift table will have a "throne" beside it for Kissi to open her gifts (which is Jim's childhood rocker) embellished with purple Charmuse silk I got as remnant for .85 for 7/8 yard! and a pink satin with glitter swirls and organza ribbon plus tulle, very girly  !! I will place the decorated easel with the "princess Karisa" sign in case anyone gets confused LOL! behind the "throne". On the Table on a pedestal will be this 3-D pink and purple castle I made, I made a back drop with sky and grass, don't know if I will use it yet as I think it might detract-but it might help keep it safe at the same time? Jim remembered this picture of the Phillips' Family coat of arms from the medieval time period we got back in the 90's at a festival so I matted it and framed it, it will grace her gift table- I can't wait for the Phillips family to see that, it is really neat!

This whole party will cost me somewhere between $150-$175, I think it is pretty good considering all the decorations I and fancy stuff I got..I will post pics when I can and the grand total. Now I have to get on Izak's Elmo Party in July!! :-)

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  1. I cannot wait to see the pictures-- especially the throne!!

    sounds adorable!