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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project Princess Party COMPLETED!

The girls and Izak had a blast, and we all loved watching them giggle, play, dance and run in circles as every 3 yr old loves. The 15 & 18 month olds had a gr8 time trying to catch up and play with the older girls.  We had an ice breaker for the girls as they arrived, little wooden princess dolls they colored as we allowed time for all the guests to arrive. We had an open "grazing" that allowed the kids and parents time to have some snacks as the party went along.

The centerpieces, didn't really get a good shot of them but they were so cute!

Dessert Bar w/ red velvet cake pops, marshmallow wands, peanut butter pretzels bites, white chocolate vanilla oreo truffles, and of course the piece de` resistance` the Castle cake w/Disney Princesses.

Food Table

"Belle's Farmer Market Tray"- Cut at 5" customized from 3 dolls to make dress likeness to Beauty & the Beast

"Under the Sea Jelly Delights"-Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese , & grape Jelly Sandwiches sprinkled with lilac sanding sugar

Tiana's Froggy Fruit Kababs- Yes her one eye is missing, we lost it in transit, LOL! The pic doesn't show the highlights I added with bronze glitter glue or that I added chalk to make her mocha skin, it was my fav doll to do!

Bibbity Bobbity Boo Cheese Ball- I made Cinderella's hair, I don't think I would line it in black again, and yes her slipper is missing, I used that for one of the games, called "Pass the glass slipper"

I added different icons for Princess Party Cartridge, 2 castles, ring, unicorn, & frog. Used lettuce as base to hold skewers-I won't make this the night b4 again, wasn't as firm as I would have liked  and the fruit didn't as fresh as I wanted it to  look.

Customizes Water Bottles, hand cut labels, lilac part at 1 3/4", pink part 1 1/2" used Princess party Cartridge and used the Crikits pen in black and filled in with glitter glue. I used 2" clear Scott's Packaging tape to seal. I don't think this would hold up in iced cooler or bucket, I just kept refrigerated.

Another close up center pieces, I intended on using tulle and tying it at base of lowest balloon and tying other end at base of balloon weight, but I forgot. This doesn't show the tags I made for each balloon along with lots of curling ribbon. But still was cute!

Each guest got little hand made tags with their names and likeness, The tag is from School cartrige cut at 7" and dolls were cut at 5" I used glitter glue to accent.

3-D Castel made @ 8"- with 8 1/2" X 11" paper, I just turned it to portrait for most cuts and some I had to cut twice to get all pieces to fit, I didn't have any 12X12"paper that was the color I was wanting and this size was free, so I wanted to use it!, I added silver glitter glue to edges and little icons from another cricut cartridge to hide the darkening that happened when I smudged glue. This paper was not forgiving. The box was baby diaper box I painted and decoupaged with sky and grass, the outside was red and gold leave painted. The kids loved it!

Kissi's throne chair, I used charomose silk I got for a steal and a pink table tunner that was embellished with glitter along with organza ribbon I got for pennies at fabric store. I wrapped the rocking chair in batting & placed the silk over it using a saftey pin in back and hand sewing in place in front. This way I can re-use the material If I eve get it back from Kissi, LOL, and my son can use the chair with out feeling weird.

All the princesses after they got "princess-ifed"!

The party princess enjoying her food!

"Princess" Kissi embracing her cousin, a good time had by all!! :-)
I used my ciricut and Princess Party cartridge like a mad lady. I used the tags & tied them onto the balloons with curling ribbon, they didn't translate as well as I envisioned, they were tied on with the image facing backwards so I didn't get a good pic of it. I still think it is a cute idea, I would just tie them on myself and make sure the colors match better. The other components of the centerpieces were really cute, I used empty, clear mini paint buckets and filled them silver balloon weights covered with petal pink tissue paper and wrapped the buckets with a white feather boa. I forgot to add the pink tulle to cover the ribbon and act as a topiary apparently I needed 3 hours instead of 2 hours for set up-still looked cute i just wish I had of remembered all I had planned on doing.

The paper dolls were cut at 5"I used for the table decor, I used the clear slipper wedding favors I got at Dollar General and used them to hold up the name plate for dishes. I used glitter glue to dot the edges of the tags, I just thought it needed a little bling, plus Kissi loves her glitter! Yes I know Tiana lost her eye and Cinderella lost her slipper (again, LOL!) I must have lost in transit. I made "Tiana's Froggy Fruit Kabobs" the night before with very ripe fruit, not a good thing, it was ok, but a little soggy, won't do it again. Still was quite tasty the pineapple really sweetened it up, just would not do this the night before. I made just a simple meat and cheese plate and named it I made a Belle likeness paper doll along with "Belle's Farmer's Market Tray",  Cinderella had whipped triple berry cream cheese we called, "Bippity-Boppity-Boo Cheese Ball",  and made an Ariel doll along side of Peanut butter, jelly and cream cheese sandwiches shaped with heart cookie cutters and sprinkled with purple sanding sugar (kissi's fav snack), and named it, "Under the Sea Jelly Deights".

The dessert bar, was really cute, I made a banner from the letters on the Princess Party Cartridge and used glitter glue on tops of crowns attached letters with ribbon and twine but they got all tangled & we didn't have time to untangle it to use-ughh! It would have been so cute, I just had more ideas that needed only my attention and were kinda tedious so more ideas than time allowed for. But it still was cute, I used a large feather boa I got for less than $5 to line edge of table, and used a shimmery fabric I got for $2 I placed under the raised cake layer and tied with a sheet fabric ribbon. I placed the red velvet cake pops in small glasses filled w.purple grass and marshmallow wands I placed in a med vase. I used tags from Princess Cartridge to label the delicacies but I didn't get pics of it, my mom did If I can figure out how to get them from fb I will add them l8r. I also made pretzel peanut butter bites, white chocolate vanilla Oreo truffles, and placed pink wafer cookies on the tiered stand.

The games we played were pin the crown on the princess, pass the glass slipper, princess parade and princess dance party. We did them at break neck speed, the kids' attention span at that age is like 3 secs on sugar it is less than 2. They did seem to like the games and free play we allowed. I started with the  pin the crown, then did pass the slipper as each guess had the slipper we had their parents get into their bags and help them get "princessified" with feather boa, crown, wand, and tutu. We then led them on a parade to the tune of "Part of your world" from The Little Mermaid", following with a dance party with the girls dancing to Kissi's fav songs I complied from I-tunes and cd's we have.

Now I am planning Izak's 1 year birthday party in June at a park. I have the shelter reserved and his invites are half made. We are going to do an "Elmo" theme I have tons of ideas that include using my cricut and "Elmo's Party", plus I saw quite a bit at Dollar Tree I will collect as I go along.  I can't wait to get going on his party. Each party I just get better and better, I just love lavishing all this attention on my babies!!! :-)

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