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Monday, January 23, 2012

Green'ish & frugal living updates

Updates on the a FRUGAL changes we have made to our family:
Homemade laundry still going well, finding that adding 1C baking soda to heavily soiled clothes really helps & whites look really good still w/ no bleach. Next batch going to add zote in place of yardley,s. I think it will clean better plus can use it as a pre treater to stains in place of shout. Might need oxy clean, but going to try peroxide for bleaching and stains.

Making bread products, going great, love the bread, pitas, foccia, chibata, pizza,calazones, naan,sweet rolls, baguettes, & French crusty breads. Going to make bread in pan for sandwiches & toast, kids & Jim also want " normal" bread too, LOL!

Dish washing soap, still on the fence,not sure I totally love it yet. Using Sal-suds & HOT water, jury's still out. Need to make sure always use vinegar in formula leaves spots otherwise.

Using Sal-suds for AP cleaner, working gr8 & for floor cleaner. Haven't tried it in laundry yet. Love what I am making so far.

Toilet cleaner w/baking soda & vinegar working well, using in place of srub on sink & bath tub, and glass cleaner.

Sanitizing spray w/thieves EO & vinegar good

Hand sanitizer, too much glycerin, need a spray pump bottle-will be perfect!

Homeade spaghetti'Os turned pretty good.

Groomed Chica- myself! saved $60!

Want to make:
  • MYO bleach- have't done yet-want to w/vinegar & peroxide.
  • Myo dryer sheets.
  • MYO toothpaste-haven't made, need raw honey still.
  • Myo Cliff, Energy bars, crackers, raviolis, veggie chips.
  • Reusable facial tissues, make-up squares, wipes & dipe, I have the fabric cut & ready to go. Need to quit being lazy!
  • Found these replacement to most paper towel uses want to purchase them & more cloth napkins.
  • Make Kissi training pants! Have all the supplies ready!
  • Start having teas made & water essence each day, make my weekly staples, pancakes, ranch dressing, bread, crackers, cliff bars, graham crackers,weekly snacks, 

I feel like Jim is really stepping up & working hard I need to as well!!


  1. Whites were dingy this tine, used ammonia, need to find out if this is horrible & if oxyclean is better?

    Used monistat chaffing gel as makeup primer, worked gr8 as well as revlon color stay-super surprised, saved over $50 with that replacement! Yay!

  2. Meant to say the bright white load I had added 1C baking soda & 1C ammonia to wash, & 1/2C vinegar to rinse & that was an amazing load; fresh, bright, & super clean. Last load of whites was dingy and didn't seem really clean. Nothing smelled unclean, just was not really clean looking to me. Not sure ammonia is very good for environment don't see any green diy recipes using it, will have to research. It is an amazing cleaner & deoderizer.