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Monday, January 23, 2012

Shipment Arrived!!

Rec'd my amazon package 2day, yay! Ordered case of Annie's ravioli & shells mac & cheese, 2-29 oz jar extra virgin coconut oil (None to soon just used last of canola yesterday), bulk yeast, zote laundry soap-14oz size(Enough for 10 loads), & industrial grade loaf pan- the ghee I ordered will be here.

Was very excited to taste the canned ravioli, organic, healthy packaged in a non-BPA can, uhmmm, yeah after I added few sprinkles of Parmesan cheese, s&p, & some brown sugar, it was palatable. Think the chef B taste I am used to was sugary and salty, not surprising, high fructose corn syrup must be super sweet, and a taste my palate is used to.

Think the shells & cheese will be the same way as well as the coconut oil, will have to get used to the slightly coconut flavor undertones. Just will have to retrain my palate. This whole healthy whole foods life is a lot of retraining ur brain, mouth feel, palate, and cooking techniques, as well as attitude towards why u r eating. Like r u eating just to fill ur belly up, or r u eating to live, choosing nutrient dense diet over empty fluff that only is based on taste and no direction.

  • Annie's Homegrown Shells & Cheese- Tasted gr8, we all really liked it needed no tweaking, WOULD ORDER AGAIN-ONLY IF PRICE IS RIGHT!
  • Annie's Homegrown Cheese Raviolis- Uhmm, not so much, had to tweak adding more salt and pepper and sprinkle cheese from a can, and brown my homemade version much better!!! Would I order again? Might if the price is right, nice to have something healthy on hand in case I "don't feel like making anything", or time is limited. MIGHT ORDER AGAIN, IF SUPER CHEAP
  • Ghee, uhmm didn't like as much as I thought, would have rather bought a bigger size of EVCO than spent the extra money on this. WILL NEVER ORDER AGAIN!
  • Loaf pan works awesome! Need to use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO), it sticks with every other oil and butter I have tried. Plus it caramelizes the crust with this lovely taste, I even use it to pour on top of bread to keep it soft after I cut a slit at the top...YUMMY!! WOULD ORDER AGAIN IF NEEDED A SECOND PAN!
  • Zote Laundry Soap-Not so sure yet, Did shred w/a little more effort than the Yardley's. Can't help but think this is going to be a better laundry soap bc Zote is designed to be a clothes washing soap and not a body soap. I haven't used a batch of the laundry soap I made yet. One gallon container is separated and the other is mixed, both are from same batch I made, even when shaken it barely combines. I bought a larger bar, so I have enough for 3 more batches, I hope this was worth it. I added extra baking soda to this batch bc I add some anyways as a stain fighter and brightener as well as 1/2 C of Salsuds for its extra cleaning abilities. Jim said he noticed some white streaks on his clothes and rewashed. Unsure if he used too much? Will wash a white load tomorrow, and see if this brightens better than my last batch. WILL HAVE TO USE A FEW MORE TIMES TO SEE IF WOULD ORDER AGAIN
  • Red Star Yeast: nice to have such a large quantity on hand, if I don't start using my own sour dough starter will use this as a great resource and prolly will be on a subscribe and save program. WILL ORDER AGAIN
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, LOVE!!! - Have all ready ordered again, on subscribe and save program don't want to be without this product!! YES HAVE ORDERED AND WILL ORDER AGAIN!!
  • The 2-29 oz option I used quicker than I thought as it's February 27, 2012 and we only have 1/2 bottle left. 
  • I have used it for nearly all my cooking, will use my EVOO more, only use EVCO for times where I need higher temp cooking, baking, and skin care/personal care products. 
  • This brand {Nutivo} tastes so much better than the brand I tasted years ago, it is so good I could eat it right out of the jar. Love how it makes popcorn taste, baked oatmeal taste, all baked goods actually, takes makeup off nicely, heals & cools burns nicely (ask me how I know!)-that being said makes a great healing salve...So I will order soon and reserve uses for as I stated above.

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