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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fantasy Makeup...Having Fun with make-up and your kids!!

I had such a fun time these past 2 years at our community Fall Family Fun Day. The area park system sets up a hay ride, a bon-fire, a treat trail where the families learn about animals in the area in their natural habitat and get to receive treats along the way,  painting pumpkins, games, face painting...

Now I know I can apply make up I have done so for my chosen profession for 20+ years so I knew i could watch a few You-Tube Videos and learn some tricks...

The first year, my daughter 
was very into Avatar, 
plus she loves dinosaurs & princesses....
so we did a combo...

Dontcha Just Love them Cheeks??   
The Make-Up we found works the best for us was snazaroo brand.
  • Wears longer, 
  • Pigment saturated, 
  • Doesn't irritate her sensitive skin

I bought several kits, bc it was cheaper and I got more colors. If I were to do this professionally I would buy the large pots, since they have a shelf life of 18mths, I bought the smaller kits. Don't waste your money on the brushes though, yuck! Just go to your craft store and pick up a medium long pointed brush, I prefer natural bristles, find the brand you can afford. 

The key to the background is 
  • Large cosmetic sponge, 
  • I dabbed the green (darkest on first)on all over,
  • Then yellow highlight
  • I used a white shimmery glitter on those lovely cheeks.

I love the way you see green, yellow, & blue at the same time, a molted look dinos typically have. To make it more girly I did flowers, they are fun to do!
  • Load your brush up (I prefer the med rounded/slightly pointed brushes)
  • One side white as a highlight the other the desired color
  • Apply pressure and with your wrist flick the brush slightly up and away.
Practice on you wrist first to get the motion, a few tries you will get it!

Tons of ppl were asking me where the face painting booth was and when I told them I didn't know bc I did her makeup they all LOVED IT!

The Second Year It was CHEETAH!

 Then I got into the act:
Same theory as the Dino, just used yellow-gold, brown, orange, and white. With black accents, I used the same flick technique to the the spots....

Super fun!!

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