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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

What a wonderful Wednesday! Izak responded well to speech and occupational therapy, Kissi did her homeschooling well, we played eye spy games and reviewed colors and shapes, fun and she didn't know she was reviewing.

Made homemade yogurt that didn't quite have enough time to culture properly and warm enough temp to totally thicken hoped when I put in fridge to stop the fermenting process it would thicken, no dice, still good just not the right texture. But it is still gr8 tasting just too thin for yogurt and too thick for milk....what do you do? Certainly NOT throw awa-y I used 1/2 gallon of milk for that I made smoothies, GREAT smoothies, cultured ranch dressing, tartar sauce, and cookie cereal parfaits (Hate feeding kids processed cereal, just ran out of money in food budget and was weak willed that day, told kids this was a "sometime" food and we wouldn't' be eating yucky cereal very often, sweetened with honey and vanilla for fruit dip.

For smoothies I melted some extra virgin coconut oil and had some beet, carrot, & pear puree in freezer a long with organic Blueberries, diced peaches and bananas YUMMY!! Izak guzzled it down in seconds flat as a matter of fact it is the same consistency of his "simply thick" with out all those chemicals but with the healthy acidophiles and other cultures so he drank some straight up in sippy and LOVED the smoothie I got the sign "MORE" "MILK" and "Drink" that is the most he has signed ever. Kissi-Cat didn't like be upstaged by lil' mini-me-moose so she signed, "Mommy" "Please" "Give" "Me' "more""Milk", Thank You"...LOL!!

We had lighted coated Flounder Filets, with homemade tartar sauce, sun burst cherry tomatoes with grape tomatoes and cucumbers in a light evoo balsamic vinaigrette kids actually ate up, some grapes with sweetened yogurt dip and of course the smoothies.

For supper we had homemade chicken and mushroom white sauce with spaghetti and tomato cucumber salad and water essence. Made the bread from my master dough that I added 1 & 1/2 C ground flax seed to, YUMMY!! Had the cripsyy crunchy texture crust but not too much still have the sour dough taste with the nuttiness from the flax, LOVE this, but would be to much to do on reg basis, Kids loved with some grass fed ghee spread on it and Jim was half enthused about it, he perfers the basic master dough baked in the loaf pan with xtra virgin coconut oil, not much a fan of the crunch. Glad that gamble actually paid off...

Just saw the funniest you tube video- OMGoodness I laughed so hard I woke my hubby up, as I am drinking my whey lemonade out of my upcylced quart jelly jar!!!! I have said nearly all of that, and the last scene with the breast pump going in the public stall, I HAVE DONE at a sports bar, LOL!! I often wonder why they have outlets in restaurant bath rooms, but that time I utilized that bad boy. I can't imagine the stories the 3 ladies that came in to use the bathroom while I pumped where thinking when I said, "Sorry watch out for my cord" while they heard the pump funny!!!

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