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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TEACH ME TUESDAY: When it's time to say WHEN!


WOW, what a crazy 10 days it was been! Kids have been super sick, all my ambitions have been laid aside and my mommy's intuition and home remedy know how put to the test as well as my nerve to actually use it....

I am willing to try alternative "crunchy" ideas and recipes when it comes to foods, house cleaning products, beauty/body care items, my pet, my health, but when it has come to the health of my pregnancies and my children...ERRRRRRRRR (that is the sound of breaks being pressed the floor and the break pads smoking!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yet, when my daughter woke up screaming and writhing in pain holding her ear, I remember all to well the many times my momma would hold my head on her lap 
and drop warmed "sweet oil" aka olive oil in my ear and run a blow dryer over it and 
"AHHHHH" the relief I felt...

I went to the pantry and to grab my EVOO,  then I remembered I had made garlic infused EVOO and had it in my fridge, 24 oz to be exact... 
pic from this site
I heated up a mug of water then placed a smaller cup inside w/a small amount of garlic infused EVOO, when it got to a nice temp I tested it on the inner part of my wrist. 

Using a dropper I placed 1-2 drops it in my daughter's ear and did a lymphatic drainage massage 
  • within 5 minutes she was calm and wanted to sit up on my lap, 
  • within 10 min she was asking for some water to drink...
  • within 20 she was up and playing with her dollies...

So began my first steps towards using alternative practices to help me kids

Lymphatic Drainage massage in for earaches:
  1. First, have the person lay on his or her side with the aching ear facing upward.
  2. Next put the ear drops (garlic oil, onion juice, colloidal silver, etc.) in the ear. 
  3. Grasp the lower part of the ear and begin stretching and massaging it. This helps the remedy reach the eardrum and begins the process of lymphatic drainage.
  4. Finally, after a few minutes of massaging the ear, begin using a "milking" technique to increase lymphatic drainage in the neck and throat. 
  5.  Place your finger in the indentation just under the ear and behind the jawbone. 
  6. Gently stroke the neck downward from this point. 
  7. Gently massage the lymph nodes in the throat area, too. 
  8. You'll know what they are because you'll feel hardened, lumpy areas in the neck and throat. These movements will dramatically increase the flow of lymph moving away from the ear.
  9. If the first round of this procedure doesn't completely relieve the pain, be patient. Just keep repeating the same process once every hour or so.

Within that hour my son wakes up SCREAMING his left ear red as ruby on fire. 2 days before he had the beginnings of pink eye, he typically gets this ever other month bc of a tear duct issue, he will get it lanced as soon as he is breathing freely enough to tolerate the anesthesia, I drained the ducts as I usually do and make sure it stays gunk free...

Then his temp spikes to nearly *105/106...scary!! *{DON'T ALLOW YOUR CHILD'S FEVER TO GET THIS, HIGH IMMEDIATLY GET MEDICAL ATTENTION IF TEMP SPIKES THIS HIGH!!} I remember reading in one of my old home remedy books I downloaded from amazon to my kindle originally published in the 1700/1800's:

"...  the feet are ice cold and the head raging with a fever to wrap the feet in a thin cloth soaked in apple cider vinegar and rub the feet until they were warm... "

by the time his feet were warm his temp was down to 102, then within 5-10 min he was in the 99 range...

Since then I have heard several other remedies:
  • To place a cut potato cut side down on forehead to draw fever
  • Slice an onion and place on soles of clean feet and put on clean socks-by the time onion turns brown fever is gone- don't know if I would do this to my young children, but I would try it with me and hubby 
  • To use cloth soaked in egg whites on forehead and on feet as well as a burn soother/healer and purportedly will prevent scaring
  • Cool bath, which i remember with some ice being done to me as a young child.

Then I read a site that included nearly all the remedies on EHow

    • 4 eggs
    • 1 small white onion
    • 1 tbs. of apple cider vinegar
    • Socks
    • 2 washcloths or handkerchiefs- I used old diapers I only used for burp clothes not prefolds but the thin ones you would have to fold into prefolds, perfect texture for lintness clothes
    1- Separate the yokes from the egg whites carefully and discard the yoke.  
    2- Chop the white onion finely and mix the pieces into the egg whites.  
    3- Add 1 tbs. of apple cider vinegar and stir gently.  
    4- Soak the handkerchiefs or washcloths in the mixture. While a bit messy, you want the cloth to be dripping with the liquid allowing plenty of absorption into the skin. Be sure some of the onion pieces remain on one side of the washcloths or handkerchiefs.  
    5- Wrap the washcloths or handkerchiefs around your feet with the onion touching the skin and place socks over the cloths. This natural remedy will quickly pull the temperature down to your feet, where it can do no bodily harm, naturally relieving a fever.

    Monitor the fever carefully to watch for changes. Reapply the soaked cloths to the feet if the fever begins to return.

    Tips & Warnings

    • Egg whites are also a natural and helpful way to reduce pain and scarring from burns. Coat the affected area with a light layer of egg whites, and reapply once dry. You will feel instant relieve from the heat of the burn.
    • If the fever reaches above 104 degrees Fahrenheit and does not break, see a doctor.
    • I would coat the foot in light neutral oil to protect a child's skin before I applied the mixture and wrap in plastic wrap to further press the cloth into skin and help with the mess a bit, 
    • Plus lay a towel under the feet to protect from egg white contamination issues even with socks on I would still lay a towel under the feet...

    WHAT I have learned:
    1. Before seeking medical attention, it is good to give a child a cool bath, to try to bring down the body's temperature along with the poultices. The water should be lukewarm; not cold, and they should respond by telling you it feels good to them. However, if after the bath their temperature begins to rise again, it is time to seek medical attention.
    2. A temperature of over 104 degrees F is usually considered very high. You should also seek medical attention if you experience confusion, painful urination, a stiff neck, convulsions, trouble breathing, or severe vomiting or diarrhea.
    3. Fevers as high as 103-104 degrees should be dealt with immediately by a medical professional. If this event occurs during the night, the child should be taken to the emergency room. At the hospital, a doctor will evaluate your child visually, and will often perform various tests to make sure they are not suffering from a more dangerous illness, such as meningitis. They may take a urine sample to make sure they do not have an infection, or a strep screen, to make sure tonsillitis or strep throat is not the issue. 
    4. Never treat a child's fever with aspirin. It can trigger a rare but potentially fatal disorder known as Reye's syndrome.
    5. If your child is not able to keep liquids or solids down and is vomiting, this is not a good sign. They are in danger of dehydration, especially when they are not able to urinate or defecate.
    6. If they experience difficulty breathing, or their heart rate becomes unusually fast, this is also a symptom of a dangerously high fever.
    7. A rash on parts or all of their body, or "blotches", which is also in response to a fever.
    8. In some rare cases if the fever is very high, a child may experience what is called "a febrile seizure" or convulsion; which can be extremely dangerous.
    9. At the hospital, a doctor will evaluate your child visually, and will often perform various tests to make sure they are not suffering from a more dangerous illness, such as meningitis. They may take a urine sample to make sure they do not have an infection, or a strep screen, to make sure tonsillitis or strep throat is not the issue.
    10. Some infections to not appear right away, and may be difficult to detect. It is important to watch your child carefully and return to the doctor or emergency room if their symptoms return.
    I don't think I will EVER allow my children especially mini-moose with the CCM issues to have a fever this high again, it could have triggered the above mentioned " febrile seizure" or convulsion; which could have be extremely dangerous & life threatening especially to him.

    We didn't go to hospital, his temp was reduced within minutes with the ACV soaked litness cloths, I would be willing to try the above mentioned remedy plus use the cut potato on forehead...
    Plus good to know about the egg whites for burns...will file that one away for reference. But I doubt I will ever allow his temp to go that high again.

    I feel like the bacteria went from his eyes to ears to  his ears 
    it took 2 applications of the oil to calm him.
    I dropped the oil in his ears, he was still inconsolable 
    so it took him 2 more applications and about 60 min to calm him down 
    and remove the red from his ears, 
    I think point 10 mentioned about was what we saw happen in Izak.

    All weekend I have been using onion,garlic, and ginger poultices on the children,
    PIC From this site

    1. Applying a light coating of EVOO on backs, chests, and feet. to protect delicate preschooler/toddler skin. 
    2. I sliced an onion, smashed up 3 cloves of fresh garlic, and grated 3 T fresh ginger 
    3. Placed in pan with a little water.
    4. Saute on low until veg starts to steam and very warm--do NOT over-cook, only open up juices and enzymes, really heating up a light simmer.
    5. Then I placed the mixture in a thin cotton cloth (old dipes not ever used as dipes, the old fashioned kind you had to fold into a prefold shape)
    6. Wrapping like a burrito.
    I placed on back for up to 10-15 min as long as Kissi-cat let me, checking skin every 2min garlic can cause burns. I placed other poultices on chest and foot I placed a qt size freezer bag over to hold in place. Mini-moose wouldn't allow me longer than 2 min of application.

    Kissi-cat still has lingering cough, but sounds a lot better. Mini-moose was so bad I had to to admit...
    and take him to doctor.

    I could feel the rattling in his chest as I held him that past few nights as he miserably moaned and groaned and gasped...I was so torn, my gumption wants to hold out for the poultice to draw the mucus out as it has for Kissi-cat, but I can hear the weak cough tinged with the mucus, non-productive cough that surrenders in defeat.

    The pediatrician heard the rattling in his chest and now Mini-moose is on breathing treatments, within one treatment his breathing improved and for the first time in 8 nights we have a quiet night, no one is hacking, coughing or gasping. {We did this for  one  month and has yet to need another treatment}

    Kissi-cat is still phlegmy so as I read her night time story 
    I applied the "Why does it smell like Garlic in here?" poultice as we call it now-a-days in my house.
     It is working for her, so...

    I have learned sometimes u have to use your intuition and go ahead and use what you know and sometimes you have to know when seek help.

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