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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Menu Mondays: June17-23

 I don't know what is about Summer and Mexican Food
but it seems to go together like: 
  • peanut butter & jelly, 
  • cereal & milk, 
  •  kool aid & sugar
it just fits

I love the unique taste of cilantro, the tang of lime
smokey heat of the chipotle tempered with the cool 
& creamy finish of an avocado!

Yum, YUM! If you love Mexican food like my family does you will appreciate this week's menu!

Mexican Cole Slaw W/Lime and Cilantro

Breakfast Options:
Cold Cereal, Toast points, Egg of choice, Chai & Flax Seed Smoothies, Fruit, Yogurt, Kiefer, Toasted bagels w/cream cheese, Turkey bacon, or English Muffins w/peanut butter

Lunch Choices:
Bagel Veggie Pizzas, Fruit, Yogurt
Chicken Nuggets, Veggie Chips, Raisins, and grape Tomatoes

Supper Selections:
Carnita Asada served in Crunchy tacos
Yellow Rice
Refried black Beans & Guacamole

Pan Seared Swai w/Scampi "Sauce"
Angle Hair Pasta served with capers, caramelized onions and Mushrooms and diced tomatoes
Spinach Salad with toasted pine nuts and balsamic vinaigrette

Pork & Shrimp Spring Rolls(left over Pork & Rice)
Vegetable Fried Rice
Romaine Hearts Salad w/grape tomatoes, cucumbers, pickled onions, toasted almonds & blue cheese

pic credit
w/Cilantro & Lime
Corn & Black bean Salsa


Left Over Buffet!


  1. YUM! I love the idea of a Mexican Slaw! I need to try this ASAP. Thanks for introducing me to your blog and to more yummy Mexican food. :)

    1. YW!! It really is delicious, ty for cruising by blog!! :-)