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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Meal Prep: Iced Chai Tea Concentrate Recipe

It is super helpful "prepping" your daily beverages, and having drinks ready to go starting off an extremely busy day in the right direction!! Not to mention only helpful, "MYO" is soo economical! Check out these numbers:

  • 1 box of tea $3.00-$4.50/box (Depending on sale prices & brand, I prefer Yogi) 
  • Go even Cheaper and spice your own loose black tea with this MYO Masala chai Tea Recipe or This one is becoming one of my favorites! I will create a post about these recipes soon!
  • I use 2% Milk for my creamer and Liquid Stevia, 2 full droppers for my concentrate, the cost is so minimal I haven't figured it out, like under $1.
  • 1 Box of tea makes 1 Gallon of tea concentrate, that will make 1 Gallon & 32oz of Chai Tea heaven!
  • The cost of Commercially prepared equivalent: $27-$69! No joke, price compare here!
  • The cost of adjusting the taste, ingredients, and no added preservatives?  PRICELESS!

Chai Tea Concentrate

*Recommend using 2- bags Chai Tea/per 8 oz filtered water
  • Bring 64 oz of filtered water to boil, then add 16 Tea Bags tea bags. 
  • Remove from heat, cover and allow to steep 5-10 minutes.
  • Gently warm milk while tea is steeping and set aside keeping warm.
  • Remove tea bags, do not squeeze bags will make your tea bitter.
  • Add warmed milk and sweeten to taste. I use liquid stevia and 2 dropper fulls for this mixture.
  • Most times I add another 32 oz of hot distilled water diluting the concentrate before I add it to the fridge. Other times, I keep it as a concentrate diluting per taste either reheating or pouring over ice.
  • If drinking iced, do not dilute, pour over a cup filled with ice and enjoy!
Great French Press!

I often use this French Press to make my tea (affiliated links:-) And this stainless steel version will also keep your tea or coffee piping hot and bonus- is not as fragile as glass presses!
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