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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Quick, Easy, Healthy and Budget Family Friendly Meal Plan 1/31-Feb 6, 2016 B,L,D, Snacks +Links!

February always brings hope to me; winter is nearly halfway over, the days are getting a little bit longer and Valentine's Day is around the corner...

Sorry Punxsutawney Phil, I watched the
1934 version of Jack Frost

 when i was kid, AND I KNOW you have a deal 

with him and winter in Northeast Ohio is NEVER 

over before April 24th!

This week we are Mediterranean dreaming, even if we are ankle deep in snow our pallets can be transported to the sunny Greek Aisle!

Breakfast Options:
Chocolate Mousse w/Fresh FruitFried Egg Quinoa w/Garlic KaleQuinoa Banana SmoothiesWarm & Nutty Quinoa BowlBottom of the Box Cereal CakeMYO Hot/Cold Overnight Oatmeal Add-Ins; Cold Cereal; or Avocado Overnight Oats, Toast Mashers

Lunchtime Offerings:


Cheesy Polenta & Kale w/Fried Egg
Spinach, Sausage, & Cheddar Quiche w/Chopped Salad
Gyros w/Quinoa Greek Salad

Snackie Treats:
Open-Faced Peanut Butter Toast w/Blueberries; Hard-cooked Egg w/Green Apple Slices; Avocado Toast Mash w/Fried Egg, Roasted ChickpeasHoney Coconut Roasted AlmondsPumpkin Pie Smoothie; Yogurt; String Cheese; Freeze Dried Peas, Veggie Chips w/Hummus, Carrots w/Hummus; Popcorn; Banana Toast Crunch {sprouted wheat bread with ½ tablespoon almond butter, ½ tablespoon peanut butter, ¼ sliced banana and 1 teaspoon chopped walnuts on top — with an optional sprinkle of cinnamon and drizzle of honey}; Cherry Coke Salad; Greek Yogurt w/1/2 Scoop Protein Powder, Chai Seeds & Fresh Fruit; Roasted Sweet Potato w/Greek Yogurt Cinnamon and Maple Syrup; Roasted Sweet Potato- smashed and drizzled w/maple syrup; Oatmeal Cake Bars; Cheese Plate; Kieffer; Chai Tea Smoothie; Water Essence

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