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Monday, February 27, 2012

Menu for February 26-March 3, 2012

Easy week this week... no appointments, no tests, no procedures-just need to play catch up with household chores, spend some time one on one time with kids, do some homeschooling review with Princess sister, and PT, OT, & ST w/mini-moose.

Some time savers this week will be using noodles or tortillas I made extra of with previous meals to accompany meals further down the week and doing some meal prep the night/day before...


Sunday Feb 26:
  • Breakfast: Toast, fruit slices and keifer smoothies
  • Lunch: Remix homemade *Veggie Pizza and salad
  • Supper:Light snack everyone still full from lunch: Cheese & Crackers w/ steamed veggies
* Veggie Pizza: Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Caramelized Onions, & Crimini Mushrooms sauteed in garlic infused extra virgin olive oil on Herbed Garlic Pizza Crust with homemade cultured Ranch Dressing as sauce.  Side salad: Greens w/ feta cheese, tomatoes, balsamic garlic infused evoo vinaigrette

Monday Feb 27:
  • Breakfast: Cold Cereal w/fruit slices
  • Lunch: Remixed Quinoa with tuna & steamed veggies and fresh pineapple spears
  • Supper: Creamy Bacon Potato Soup using plain keifer in place of heavy cream, side salad, & Toasted Cheddar Cheese Sammy's with homemade Crusty Artisan Bread
  • {B4 Bed time: Make Ahead: Soak Oatmeal for Baked Oatmeal, set up ingredients so next day's breakfast will go smother. Take Chicken out of freezer for Brown Sugar Chicken.}

Tuesday Feb 28:
  • Breakfast: Baked Oatmeal Cake w/Peanut Butter Shakes
  • Lunch: Remix Creamy Bacon Potato Soup- thaw some broccoli and add some cheddar cheese and homemade yogurt for a loaded baked potato soup
  • {Right after breakfast or during mini-moose' nap make noodles for this dish and for later this week- set out to dry [FAR FROM SWIPER-Chica Puppy!!!], and get Chicken ready for supper}
  • Supper: Brown Sugar Chicken W/fake out Lipton Chicken & Noodles and Roasted Asparagus. 
  • Before Bed: Shred Zucchini and make Zucchini cakes, zest & juice lemons & limes that are starting to go bad and freeze zest along w/juice. Chop Nectarines that are on last leg and set up for Smoothie freezer packs. Thaw Yogurt Starter in Fridge.

Wed Feb 29:
  • Breakfast:Poached Eggs on Whole Wheat bagels w/ Zuchinin Patties and Cheddar cheese.
  • Midday: Start Yogurt
  • Lunch: Brown Sugar Chicken Salad on Toasted Bagels and steamed veggie side
  • Supper: Chicken Tortilla Soup W/homemade Tortilla strips and cornbread
Thursday March 1:
  • Breakfast: Baked oatmeal squares fresh fruit and keifer smoothies
  • Lunch: Chicken Tortilla Soup with cornbread
  • Supper: HYU Supper (Hook Yourself Up) -mom's working late night :-)

Friday March 2:
  • Breakfast: Pancakes with fruit cup
  • Lunch:Potato soup with grilled cheese quesadillas
  • Supper: Tuna Fish Casserole with remix noodles made from Fake Out Lipton Chicken & Noodles

Saturday March 3:
  • Breakfast: Breakfast Burritos and Hashbrowns
  • Lunch: Use up whatever soup is left over with grilled cheese sammies
  • Supper: Spaghetti Bolognese with salad greens, Lemon Roasted Asparagus, and Crusty Herbed Italian bread with herbed garlic infused EVOO dipping oil

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