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Monday, March 5, 2012

Meal Plan for March 4th-10th

Kids have been sick this week, luckily we had no pressing appointments, procedures, or tests-but this week we will have PT, Grace Kids Co-op, dentist appointments, work... So I will be utilizing my crock pot and HOPEFULLY make some things this weekend like homemade MYO Cliff & Lemon Coconut "Lar-Bars", Coconut and Banana Cookies,  Coconut Butter, & Pancake mix (extra made and froze, some I might store in old ketchup bottle for easy cooking later this week & some things will be made the night before-Sauces like Humus, Tahini & Tzatziki sauces,  Pitas, & my unusual Sunday doings Master Dough & Cultured Ranch Dressing...I know, I know ambitious again--I might not get to the homemade snacks, pancakes or cookies-I hope so, bc this is the on hand items that help us stay on the whole foods track and the items if purchased break the shoe string budget..I might just make one item and see how it goes..I would like to try the MYO Wheat Thins again, it was a hit!!

In the mood for some Middle Eastern Fare this week and I just LOVE the different sandwiches and and sauces, these recipes are half from my recipe box and half from bloggers and my favorite recipe sites. I LOVE Chicken Paprikash and now I got my 2 Lbs of smoked paprika it will back on my bi-weekly rotation, YAY!!!


Sunday- March 4th:
Supper/Dinner: Chicken & Broccoli Stir Fry and "Veggie" Fried Rice

Monday- March5th: 
Supper: Falafel with Tahini Sauce on home pitas from Master Dough in Fridge prep(Extra Made for Falafels or Chicken Shawarms,), & Quinoa Salad (Make Extra for Quinoa burgers and lunch Tuesday)

Tuesday March 6th:
Supper:  Crock Pot Gyros w/homemade tzatziki sauce on home pitas from Master Dough side salad w/Khalta Salata - Salad Dressing, steamed veggies, and  Khyar Bi Laban - Middle Eastern yogurt cucumber salad- Middle Eastern yogurt cucumber salad(I am the only one who will eat this...glad it's ALL MINE!!)

Wed March 7th:
 Supper: Chicken Paprikash  w/Homemade Noodles steamed Veggies & Side salad

HYU (Hook YourSelf UP!) left-over  buffet!

Friday March 9th:
Supper: Swedish Meatballs w/ Mashed Potatoes, steamed veggies & side salad with Khalta Salata - Salad Dressing

Supper: Chicken Shawarma (This is a new recipe I am trying!)on pitas w/onios, tomatoes and a side pickel thinly sliced and peeled, Oven Fried Potatoes, steamed veggies and salad.

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