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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Meal Plan Monday...Oops Tuesday :-)

Ok a little was been another crazy week, in a good way the weather has been so amazing for this time of the year, in fact just 2 days ago we had 75 degree weather when the average high is typically 45...unseasonably, so much I haven't been paying attention to the days and BOOM all of a sudden it is MONDAY, actually it is now here we go

Sunday: Runza with bacon and cultured cream braised cabbage w/smoked paprika

Monday: Left overs

Tuesday: Slow cooker creamy roast and slow cooker mashed potatoes, corn, chibata bread, salad green with balsamic vinegar and EVOO vinaigrette {busy day, 2 appointments during the day in Cleveland and sleep study in the evening. This will help eliviate the pressure from coming home from 2 appointments and get ready to head back out to Akron for mini-moose' appointment}

Wednesday: Butter Chicken with homemade  Pierogies {Utilizing left over mashed spuds and potato water from meal the day b4} steamed broccoli, salad greens and homemade cultured Ranch dressing

Thursday: HYU: Hook Yourself UP---or daddy's cooks aka cold cereal...

Friday: Tuna w/wild rice mushrooms w/roasted Asparagus

Saturday: Chicken Parmesan with spaghetti homemade garlic bread and salad greens {This recipe is soo awesome, the perfect Chicken Parm!} I make extra marinara sauce for pasta LOVE this, tastes even better than meals I have gotten in restaurants!! 

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