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Sunday, April 29, 2012

MYO Magnetic Dolls

My daughter's friend birthday was around the corner,and since this little one has just about everything you could want, I had to come up with a neat idea that NO ONE would ever give her....


 How Cute are these?

Kissi-cat thought it would be cute to make one doll in her girlfriend's likeness and another one in her own. 

"This way so they could play together everyday in doll form even if they couldn't for real." ~ Kissi-cat


I forget exactly how my 4 year old said it, wish I would have wrote that down it was cute, kinda like, "Now we REALLY can play everyday, huh momma?"

I scoured the web looking for inspiration, originally I was just going to make paper dolls but remember the frustration of hassling with the paper tabs as they tore off when I was little. So when I saw this blog ("Make it & Love It"- a gr8 blog with awesome inspirational ideas and tutorials) that featured "MYO magnetic doll With Cover", I knew I would be "pinning it" for Audra's b-day!

List of Items to Make this yourself:

  • Paper Dolls or make your customized Paper Dolls with your Cricut Machine Paper Dolls,  Once Upon Princess, Disney Princess Cartridges to name a few cartridges with character options. You could even do a boy's one with robots, animals... Look at your cartridges in a different way to get inspired...
  • Card Stock Paper
  • New Cookie Sheet
  • Fabric
  • Elastic
  • Sewing Machine
  • Adhesive Magnetic sheets
1.) I used my Cricut and selected the dolls from "Once Upon Princess" cartridge, since both girls adore princesses. I made 2 girls, Kissi-cat picked out the dresses and designed the dresses by choosing the paper to make them. We had more dresses and outfits than I ended up using because it just didn't fit right with all the options we had come up with.
2.) I cut the dolls and dresses at 5", I don't remember what the unicorn was set at. I used Stickles glitter glue as accents to doll's hair and outfits.

3.) I remember finding Adhesive Magnetic sheets at Walmart, but they hadn't had a shipment  for months, ughhhh! So off I went to search the web- and the cheapest was Jo-Ann's Fabric and Crafts. They had a free shipping coupon that made it the cheapest- I meant to get the bigger size, but purchased the 4X6 photo sized ones instead, plus I meant to get the deep cutting housing and blades to but forgot and once it was all said and done I ran out of budget.

I ended up cutting the magnetic sheets by hand, I was afraid I would run out so I didn't cut it the whole shape, in the future I would cut the dolls and magnetic shapes the same outline, and if a shadow shape is available that would work out best. Because I noticed the dolls adhere best with more coverage.

The link gives more details to make the cover here, it was easier to make than I thought, I am not a great seamstress and novice sewer at best, I did have to redo it bc I didn't pull the elastic tight enough and cut the cover to small. Thankfully I had 2 yards of fabric, I tried to make the name applique and still feel like I want to attempt it again...

I watched a ton of you tube showing how to use your cricut to cut fabric and thought I did it as I remembered, but it ended up not working out. I even tried hand cutting, grrrr, looked to horrible, not even cute like a child did I opted to leave plain, looks cute anyway,

I think each time I make these they will get better and better~ (And I will make it again!!). I think this would be such a unique gift to a little girl with a doll in her likeness and one of her friends so they can REALLY play with each other ALL the time As Kissi-cat stated. 

I did touch on this earlier but if you use the Cricut Cartridges they have so many cute characters you could make a paper character set for boys too, with critters, robots, machines... Give this idea a try!

How cute is this bow ? I made this cute bow that with white curling ribbon, white tulle I added pink glitter glue and pink curling ribbon, & fluffing makes if fluffier.

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  1. OMG! This is such a great idea, I could use my cricut and make paper dolls for all my granddaughters and some of the more "boy'ish" looking cartridges for my grandsons.

    I could co-ordinate for each head is filling up with ideas and with a lot of summer birthday's ahead I think I will be cranking out some memorable birthday gifts.

    I found you on 30 day Hand Made Pity Party Linky Party, glad I did! I will checking back to see what ideas you try next, ty for sharing! :-)

  2. ty for your kind words! I am glad you were inspired, I was thinking of what I could do for my son, making boy's gifts is kinda hard to keep it masculine...

    I hope to add more dolls to the nieces and get the cover more refinned with the name applicated but for now I have to clean up after Kissi's b-day party...

  3. What a sweet idea! My girls would love these! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Take care,


    1. Yw! Glad you liked it. I will be giving it to the little girl this weekend, I hope she likes it too!

  4. Give a sign if you ever find a male-version of this, I loved it and want to propose it in my arts class for children! Thanks!!

  5. Lalav, I think you are asking if I know of a male version of this, right? I used my Cricut Expression to cut my dolls, and they DO have a TON of boy type cartridges you could choose. Everything from Woody & Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, to Batman action heroes & villains to everyday firefighters & such here is a link to a library you can check out.

    I think the Paper Dolls cartridge would be perfect for kids arts class, the could choose dolls in their likeness from a variety of choices, girls have more as always, but still has boys & girls, it,s really cute. Plus they could design the clothes, skin hair, eyes... If you do this please link back so I could see it!

    Best of luck,

  6. Here is a link to the Eerday Paper Dolls, thatbone would be super cute & it's on sale right now!