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Monday, April 30, 2012

What's Cooking? Menu for April 30-May 6,2012

I know I sound like a broken record but honestly I feel like last week was 2 weeks with all the activity that went on! We had 2 major appointments, I had to complete applications to all these programs that aid us in the care of my son that sound like an alphabet song, BCMH, FSS, SSI, MCD, & WIC  all had to be completed by Friday of last week. Plus I had to drive all over town to get written estimates on 2 of our vehicles because a 10 year old van and a 14 yr old sedan put us over the line as far assets go to qualify for some of the programs....REALLY?? On top of it all was Kissi's big shindig on Saturday and I had to push to get ready for, not to fail to mention I had to actually work!

SO this week we are utilizing some left overs from the party, the menu I had originally planned to use is pushed to next week as the food budget got blown- we are eating out of the pantry this week, all on hand foods. This is good to do occasionally anyway, so you don't have cans of food in pantry or containers of food in freezer/fridge going bad.  You will notice desserts in my menu this week which I just don't typically offer as this is empty calories and when Kissi asks "What does ___ do for my body" I really can't give an edifying answer so I just simply say, "This is a sometimes food, only for enjoyment, eaten sometimes" since there is so many left overs I am allowing the family a rare treat of desserts this week!

Breakfast Options:
Bacon                                  Hot Cereal
Eggs {hard boiled}             Fresh Fruit
Toast                                   Kieffer & fresh fruit/veggies Smoothies
Cold Cereal                     

Lunch Options:
Grilled Cheese Sammies        Baked Potatoes                             Pasta Salad
Barb-b-q drummettes             Celery & Peanut Butter logs         Potato Salad
Mac & Cheese                        Veggies & Dippings                     Baked Beans
Raviolis                                  Apple & Veggie Sauces                Pretzels
Noodles and Butter                 Fresh Fruit                                    Cottage Cheese
Perogies                                  Triscut or Bunnies                        Chopped veggie salad

Snack Options:
Fresh Fruit, Veggies and Dippings, Crackers, Pretzels, Cheese squares, Pepperoni squares, Pasta salad, Potato salad, Cottage Cheese & fruit, Puddingwiches, Crackers w/ swiss cheese spread, rice cakes, fruit leather, almonds.

  * Stuffed Double Cheese Burgers w/ sauteed garlic mushrooms and  carmelized onions on a fresh home made steamed bun
  * Ranch Baked Beans
  * Favorite Summertime Potato Salad
  * Chopped veggie spinach salad
  * Mini White cake and strawberry trifle {used left over cupcakes crumbled with left over icing and layer w/ fresh strawberries left over from party layered in small juice glasses.

* Barb-B-Q Chicken Sammies
* Delicious Bountiful Pasta Salad
* Chopped Veggie and cheese salad
* Fresh Fruit Cup
* S'mores Marshmallow Kebobs

* Lasagna w/Garlic rubbed Chibata Bread w/garlic infused herbed EV finishing oil
* Roasted Asparagus
* Chopped Salad
* Red Velvet Cake Pops


* Pasta Primevera w/Chicken
* Chopped Veggie Salad
* Cherry Pie Pops

* Home made Pizza
* Roasted Veggies
* Cherry Limeade {LOVED the recipe made from party!!
* Choose a dessert!

*Mexican Pulled Beef {Crock pot dish, 1/4-1/2 C brine from peppericini peppers plus palmful diced, palmfuls of: smoked paprika, cumin, Chili powder, Oregano. Pinch of Cheyenne pepper, pinch of brown sugar, pinch of cinnamon & Beef Bullion granules, Kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste. Onion diced, and 4 cloves garlic smashed and minced plus a splashful of water}
* Homemade tortillas
* Refried Black Beans
* Yellow Rice
Choose a dessert if any is left!

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  1. Love this menu, I always struggle with what to do with party left overs, ty for inspiring me!

  2. Your welcome, ty for your kind words! Stop by anytime! :-)