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Sunday, April 29, 2012

P. A. R. T...Y?? Cuz I GOTTA!!!

Western Pony Farm Girl

4th Birthday Party
NOT the party girl, LOL! But her popa Stefan!

A party as BIG as it's name! Party day finally was here...only took me 2 months of dreaming up ideas,  then a few weeks of scouring the web {Google & Pininterest mostly and a 4 weeks of assembly plus 3 days of food prep work....all for 2 hours of fun. 

Happy giggles & shrieks of delight from party goers plus the look of enchantment on the Birthday girl's face....TIMELESS!!!

It all started with a picture I had in my head of Cow Hide Print and Red Bandana fabric & paper projects w/the use of the Old West Cricut Cartridge once Kissi started showing interest in horses. Then I found this pillowcase dress and an ESTY store customized her appliqued shirt for my son using both fabrics.

I really wanted to give her a party with pony rides and I even got an excellent price to give her one but my fear was the average age of the party guests was 3 and was too young to really handle it plus if it rained there would be no main attraction and 7 active girls plus 3 boys trapped in the house is something I wouldn't wish for even my arch enemy should I have one! And based on all of that it made it easier to choose to have the party at my Aunt's club house in her allotment. It is a rustic barn with exposed beams on the ceiling and wagon wheel light fixtures, brick walls... soo perfect for a Western Pony Farm Girl Party!!  Side note it did RAIN, Sleet and even snow some party day... good thing I changed the plans because the kids had more fun running around chasing each other & screaming like wild banshees in the HUGE clubhouse! 

I did a lot of upcycling for decorations, grocery bags, cereal boxes, shipping boxes, aluminum cans... I tried to keep this very frugal, green, and of course SUPER CUTE!! Items I made using Brown Grocery Bags (click here for details):
  • Birthday Banner/Bunting
  • Lollipop Tags {Forgot to add, but use make~ BUMMER!
  • Marshmallow S'More Pops Display/Holder
  • Favor Bags Labels
  • Party Invite Directions
  • Table Name Tags for food

I used a lot of stainless steel, white serving dishes, vintage crates, aluminum upcycled cans for serving dishes and flatware. My mom had some customized black table clothes that were designed for different table sizes but I draped them so they fit this HUMUNGOUS pool table with MDF board cover. I had plenty of space to display the many munchies.

I made everything from scratch so it saved us tons of money and got lots of the food on sale. I had a bountiful table filled lush and fresh offerings. I made my Family Favorite Potato Salad, Bountiful Pasta Salad, Campfire baked Beans, Carmelized Hickory Brown Sugar Barb-B-Q Drummettes, Limeade Cherry Spritzers (tastes just like Sonic's Cherry Limeades... YUMMO!!), Fresh and Delicious Fruit Kabobs, Cracked Pepper Dip, Lush Veggie Plate w/white & Choco covered strawberries, zesty pepperoni slices, dill pickles, roasted sweet peppers, black olives, My Mom's Double Stuffed Deviled Eggs. 

And that is just the food buffet! I did make a Dessert bar with Bakerella worthy cake pops made with the traditional red velved cake and white chocolate covering, 2" mini Cherry Pie Pops, S'mores Marshmallows on a stick, white cup cakes, Rich Deviled Foods Sour Cream Cake w/ Carmel-Chocolate Chips Trifle,  Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Covered Waffle Pretzels. I hand cut mini bunting for the Trifle and Twig basket containing Cherry Pie Pops. I wasn't crazy about the art work behind the table so I draped a remnant of Muslin over the pic that was drilled to the wall and taped a poster I had made of both of my children in their party clothes. I did have many ideas for backdrops but the wood paneling didn't allow for me to hang up any back drops and the Brick walls I didn't want to cover up.

I made customized paper dolls in the Birthday Girl's image some I used cricut cartridge some I good old fashioned ingenuity. I also made hats, boots, and horses with the Old West Cricut Cartridge as well as Bucking Broncos for Pin the Tail game, and sheriff badges for party guests, Rope fonts, Western Lettering, Lollipop tags. I just used raffia to fill the clear buckets I doubled use for party balloons placed bandanas under buckets along with mini horses.

As kids arrived I had them all decked out in western gear complete with cow boy hat, red bandana and they were deputized. I gave kids a choice to sit on the bale of hay and authentic western saddle (Which was a gorgeous saddle with amazing leather work my bestie allowed me to borrow) or to stand against the brick wall so I could take a photo for the Wanted Sign thank you cards I am going to send. Nearly all the guests (10 of them total) chose the saddle and it was really fun to so them all dressed up!

 We played Pin the tail on the Bucking Bronco with an icon I made using the Old West Cartridge, it was fun and amazingly we had a 3 way tie!! Then we played Red Light/ Green Light, but with a western twist...In place of red light I told them "Whoa" and in place of Green Light I said "Getty-Up!" For added fun I taught the kids different gaits of horses, "Gallop", "Cantor", & "Prancing" that had to do as they participated...

3 yr old Ben learning "to"...what a sweetie!!
We finished up the party w/the children learning American Sign Language Signs to "Happy Birthday" including the Birthday Girl's nickname "Kissi", which they learned in a only a few short seconds. Then we taught the adults, which was pretty hysterical watching them struggle with 5 signs the kids breezed through.

Was a fun exhausting day that took a crew of people to help me pull off the finishing touches and clean up. I had more ideas that just didn't happen due to time constraints & forgetfulness. I had the lollipop doilies all ready to place on the marshmallow pops (got for pennies on sale), cake pop tags (I made with old west cartridge), and jute ribbon for pie pops- just in the last minute rush to assemble I forgot to add.

Plus I was going to have 2 stations rolling as kids arrived one was for the dress up and pictures and one was for the coloring page where they made up their horse name. Which was going to be a 3rd game to keep the kids engaged. Kids had fun running, chasing each other and screaming. But in the future I will need more help in the beginning so I can be more time efficient.

I will post the links and detailed post as well as one with just images for people who don't want to read all my details just want to be inspired by images...

I hope you get inspired to make your decorations, upcycle items you might just throw in the trash, look at every day items in different ways.

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  1. Hi Leesy,

    It looks like you had one fun party! I love to make my own decorations and repurpose stuff too.

    I'm visiting from the 30 Day linky party. I would love it if you stop by my blog.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Thanks for stopping by Laura! We really did have a gr8 time. I will be adding more pics and details along with recipes and links as soon as I can, come back and see what else I have added. The next party will be in June, Vintage Sock Monkey is his theme.

      IT's amazing what you can upcycle and repurpose around your house. The money you will save by #1 using what you have on hand, hello, can you say free? #2 making it yourself u can customize so many things that really make the finishing touches extra special for pennies on the dollar....

      I will check out your blog too! :-)