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Monday, April 1, 2013

My Own "Chopped" Basket Menu Mondays!

I just totally love that show "Chopped" I love it when Alex Guarnaschelli gives the chef with the egos a redressing or when Amanda Freitag does the one eyebrow raised when she is not happy with the arragance of some chefs. I always pull for the underdog and I cringe when the souffle flops, the ice cream is watery goo, or the GOD FORBID the Pork is dry!

I watched recent episode and found our why my pork gets dry sometimes, it's because I leave it too long in the crock and it "boils", That is Marc Murphy told one contestant, "Your pork got boiled that is why is it so dry & no amount of sauce will help..." Owwwwwww, I will have to adjust the times in my crock pot recipes bc that is what happens a lot to me. 
Have you learned any tricks from watching "Chopped"?

One more thing, don't you just love how sincere Todd Allen is when the contestant gets chopped? I think he sounds so sad unlike that dork who judges CupCake Wars! Grrr, he is irritating and NOT funny, I practically don't watch it anymore bc he is such a smuck, IMO...

Ok enough chit chat on with the show! SO I totally over spent at the grocery store last Wed, and I now am on a STRICK budget. So to make it fun I am going to treat Easter Dinner left overs like a "Chopped Basket" Get ready for some round #2 Recipes... In the basket you will find honey and brown-sugar glazed ham with a fruit sauce, Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup, Corn, Chibatta Rolls, Citrus Butter, Strawberries, and Mashed Potatoes

Breakfast Choices:Cold Cereal, Barely and fruit w/yogurt, Citrus Pancakes w/fresh orange syrup and Citrus Butter, Baked Oatmeal Cake, Homemade Pop Tarts, Sausage Gravy w/Biscuits

Lunch Options:
Monday: Cuban (Round 2 Recipe ham)Panini on Homemade Chibata Rolls(Round 2 Recipe ham) , Mixed Green Salad with Sun-dried Tomatoes, Garlic herbed
croutons, Pickled Onions, Toasted Pine Nuts, &Blue Cheese. W/EVOO & balsamic Vinaigrette. Mandarin Oranges

Tuesday: Tomato Sauce with Shells, Carrot sticks, and Pink Lady apple Slices

Wed: Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup w/ Toasted Ham & Cheese Sammies, Roasted Asparsagus, Grapes &Strawberries

Thursday: Munchie Plate: Ham, baby Swiss, Sharp Cheddar, Dill Pickles, Crackers, Broccoli, Carrots, and Strawberries {We eat with toothpicks and the kids make their own plates, sometimes we will use the 6 slot muffin tin- a percourser to the "lunchable" garbage} w/Dippings of Hummus, Sundried Tomato & Spinach Mayo Dip

Friday: Nuggets w/honey mustard, Cottage cheese with fruit cocktail, Carrot sticks with humus

Sat: Peanut Butter Banana & Jelly Roll-ups with a sprinkling of chopped boiled peanuts, veggie chips, cheese chunks, and strawberry, grapes, and orange salad with whipped cream dip.

Sunday: Lunch of Choice! Can choose from any left-over and kids and hubby make a "chopped night" with it!

Supper Selections:

Panko Breaded Chicken Breast stuffed with chives and SageGouda Cheese seasoned with - Coated in seasoned Panko) Loaded Twice baked Mashed Potato Pancakes [Links coming soon for recipe]

Cheesy, Ham, Corn & Potato Chower w/ mixedd greens, madarin oragne slices, pickled onions, and citrus vinegarette

Easter Sandwich (Hard cooked egg, sliced of ham and swiss dot of grainy mustard or mayo) on Homemade Chibatta and pressed into a Panini- DELISH! Side of twice baked Mashed potato pancakes with a light rand sauce. Fresh Pink Lady Applesauce, with strawberry puree.

Hickory Smoked Glazed Ham & Gouda Quiche Florentine, w/Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup, Mixed Green salad with sundried Tomatoes, pickled Onions, Oregano, Toasted Almonds, Feta Cheese and Evoo /Balsamic Vinegarette

Cheesy ham corn Chowder repeat with Easter Pressed Sammies on Chibatta with mixed greens salad grape tomatoes, toasted pinenuts, blue cheese

Quiche Leftoers, Wild rice Soup, and fresh Fruit medly.

Roasted Chicken WildRice& Mushroom Stuffing, Mashed Sweet & Idaho Potatoes, Chicken Gravy, Ice Box Dinner Rolls, Steamed Broccoli

Yogurt covered raisins, Almonds, animal crackers with fruited cheese ball, fresh fruit, carrots and dippings, veggie chips, cheese chuncks, humus, tricuits, natural fruit gummies, fruited leather, homemade granola bars, dried fruit, easter candy, yogurt, cottage cheese, applesauce, fruit purees, keiffer

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