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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Teach me Tuesdays: Your Garden Medicine Cabinet- Calendula

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Calendula Offinalis- Latin for "The first day of the Month" refers to the bloom's extremely long season, in some parts of the country May-November!


How it works:
Calendula is known for its strong antiseptic properties both topically and taken internally.

It's known in healing salves,
great for painless healing of minor wounds- Think diaper rashes!
reduces inflammation and and pus formation.
It improves blood circulation, alleviates skin ulcers, burns,bruises, and reduces scars,

can be used as gargle to relieve sore throats
stimulates digestion, and bowel function.


1.) Wound Dressing:
To promote healing topically soak a compress made of  dried calendula petals
and apply to affected area.
(Make a tea with 1 C boiling water over 1/2 t of dried calendula petals, Steep for 10 min, strain.)

2.) Gargle:
Make tea as directed above and gargle or rinse to help with sore throat unless allergic or dr tell you otherwise.

3.) Ointment:
1/4 C Bees wax
1/4 C Shea Butter, unrefined, free trade
1/4 C Castor Oil
2 T- Vegetable Gylcerine
20-40 Drops Calendula Essential Oil
  1. Melt the Bees Wax Shea Butter in a double boiler, 
  2. Once melted add Castor Oil and Veg Glycerine. 
  3. When totally cool, before it rehardens add Calendula EO. *
  4. Mix Well pour into a small shallow container with tight fitting lid.
  5. Will dry semi hard, not quite a salve but not a solid either. 

I use this for wounds, diaper rash, and any scrapes or boo-boos

*I got this idea from a blogger when I was making underarm deoderant: Use a small mason or heat proof jar, and place in small pan of water. Add ingredients as stated only now you don't have to pour into anything else, this will be your jar. NO MESS & EASY CLEAN UP. If you desire a smaller vessel to pour your ointment into then you can use the directions as stated above.

DISCLAIMER:As with anything herbal remedies please consult your trusted medical professional before adding any herbs to your daily usage and please apply a  LARGE dose of common sense in regards to each herbs usage. The writer of this blog does not assume responsibility for misuse or abuse of this knowledge

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