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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pizza'ritto: MotherHOOD style!!

Exclaimed my daughter yesterday as I came up with this from the tidbits left in the pantry and fridge...

You know what? I had no left overs and the kids were happy, I was happy, and it is tasty enough to place in the blog...

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Tortillas, Mozzarella, Pepperoni, a bit of pizza sauce....and BLAMMO!!! 
Lunch....she is served!! 

Large tortillas
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Sliced Pepperoni

5 oz Crushed Tomatoes
1/4-/1/2 t of brown sugar
S & P
Dash of Oregano- or to taste
Garlic Powder

  1. Pour Crushed Toms in a bowl and add sauce ingredients. 
  2. Cover and set aside for 20-30 min for flavors to mingle.

For Pizza'rittos:
  1. Place a 1/2 palmful of shredded Mozz in center of Tortilla
  2. Layer 4-8 pepperoni slices (Depending on the amount you have and your taste preferences)
  3. Fold the short ends in, like burritos (Cuz we're making Burritos!)
  4. Holding the short ends in with thumbs start rolling the long sides until completely rolled.

  • Secure with toothpick and deep fry in 350 degree oil until golden and delish!
  • Pour enough high temp oil (WE LOVE grape seed oil- Garlic infused would be KILLER) in a large skillet to coat the bottom of pan. Heat until water bounces across the top, and place tortillas in seem side down. Cook until golden brown and lovely.
  • Place in a Sandwich press (OUR FAVORITE SUPER QUICK WAY) and cook until golden
  • Microwave 30 secs a pizza'ritto, (OK if in time crunch, but is a little soggy)

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