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Monday, May 7, 2012

What 's on the Menu... MODAYS?? May 7- 13, 2012

For whatever reason I am really craving pork, funny bc I am not a fan but saw these recipes on a slow cooker blog hop gooseberry patch was having, where I entered my Crock Pot Beef Bracoile {amazing in my humble opinion!} and looked these recipes up and knew I was making them SOON! 2 Recipes I got from Mandy's Recipe Box a delightful blog with loads of tasty recipes and the other blog is called Delightful Country Cooking featuring country recipes that aren't laden in fat and bacon drippings.

Breakfast Options:
Baked Soaked Oatmeal "cake"     Buttered Toast         Hot Oatmeal-fruited-flax seed cereal
Cold Cereal                                   Pancakes                  Muffins
Eggs                                              Fruit                         Juices
Veggie, Keiffer, and Fruit Smoothies      

Lunch Options:
Main Dish/Sandwiches/Soup:       Sides:
Grilled Cheese                               Carrot Sticks w/ homemade cultured Ranch or
Egg Salad                                       homemade Humus
Tuna Salad                                     Veggie Chips
Chicken Noodle Soup                    Sweet Potato Chips
Left-overs from Supper                  Fruit
Ravioli                                            Cottage Cheese
Shells & Cheese                             Yogurt
Noodles & Cottage Cheese            Apple, fruit and veggie medley sauces

Snack Options:
Almonds, Hard Boiled Eggs, String Cheese,  Dried Edema, dried blue berries, cranberries, raisins, bunny snack mix, pretzels, carrots, Humus, Cottage Cheese, Keiffer smoothies, fruit, triscits, hard cheese, cheese crackers,  Veggie/fruit sauce, yogurt, sweet potato chips, veggie chips,  Fruit Leather, Granola Bar, Protein Bars, Rice Cakes, Animal Crackers, Easter Goodies {ONLY 1/day}


*Monday: Repeats

Buttermilk & Mushroom Smothered Pork Chops w/Garlic Smashed Potatoes and Steamed Veggie along with spinach Salad
Yummy, smothered tangy pork chops!
Chicken Parmesan with Bolagnese Sauce, steamed veggie, and salad. A family frequent request, especially since I  found this recipe I really like from All Recipes, one of my favorite resources for recipes when I need inspiration.

Thursday: Repeats
Carnitas and Salsa Adada served with crunchy taco, cabbage and carmelized onions. Along w/refried black beans and yellow rice pilaf.
Saw this on the Gooseberry Patch Blog Hop and thought, "HMMMmm, hmmm, will be eating you soon!!" My family LOVES cruchy and Loves Mexican and since I rarely cook w/pork{if you follow me regularly you know that by the absence of pork in my menus}, I thought I would give this a try!
Orange Chicken w/veggie loaded rice pilaf
& salad

Baked Crunchy Swai Fish {Super Secret Crunch part is seasoned instant mashed potato flakes!} w/hot buttered Noodles grilled Asparagus and spinach salad

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