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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mini Bunting Tutorial

I used these adorable Bunting Banners anywhere I could, I don't know about you but I adore bunting and as with all these is seems these days the smaller the cuter!!

  • I used this printable as a pattern from Pair of Pears site
  • Cut one of the diamonds out
  • Traced it onto a thick cardstock paper, then used that as my pattern.
I really like the idea of using a diamond shape versus a triangle for many reasons, one it makes it infinitely EASIER by giving you instant front and back coverage unless you wanted the other side to be different, then I have to say you are crazier than I am !!!

 Secondly I don't have to cut out all these tiny shapes and try to match them up, you just place the jute rope or thread in the center part and glue paper down.

I used the mini bunting on trifle and hung on 2 kebob skewers, on the twig basket containing pie pops and I made enough I hung them on 2 vintage mini wash tubs on the food buffet. It gave such a party feel and the red, black, and white paper I used in varied patterns gave it a vintage/retro/shabby/chic/cottagey look I was after.

I am going to make some on a much larger scale and do the same with fabric just use pinking shears to prevent fraying on each diamond shape. Then fold over into triangles, stitching a 1/4" from pinking edges and use biased ribbon to connect the triangles. I will post a tutorial as soon as I make one, I have to gather material first. I think when we redo Kissi's room this will look so adorable streaming across her reading nook we are going to make for her!!

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