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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lunches for Summer School + Shopping List

Made these lunches for a family member who needed some help with summer school lunches after his beloved 
wife passed away this past winter. I tried to think of ways 
I could help him with his household of 8 kids, and when it was mentioned he needed help with meals, I knew I HAD to help. 
So the best help he could think of was lunches.

The dad is going to provide fresh veggies and fruit plus milk or yogurt so don't fret the kids are going to have a balanced meal. I did throw in some veggies like shredded carrots in tom sauce, diced tomatoes, black olives, peppers, onions, garlic. I just sauteed them down and purred them into the sauce... my sneaky secret way of getting more moisture and nutrition into the meals without anyone knowing!

Need 4 kids lunches for 10 weeks = 40 lunches

10 meals of (2 Mini "cups" per serving)
5 different types X2
{Taco, Cheesey Burgers, Pizza, Meatball Sub, Cheesy Ham Mini Cups}

10 meals (2 Hot Pockets per serving)
5 different types X2
(Ham & Cheddar, Pizza, Meatball, Taco, Cheesy Burger Hot Pockets)
Breakfast Tortillas = 20
= 40 servings
2 loaves of bread {= 20 sandwiches- Bonus}
= 60 Total Main Dish Servings
Mini Cherry Pies= 40 mini pies

Freezer Plan:
I have directions to Taco and Cheesy Burger & The Pizza, Meatball Sub, & Cheesy Ham are quite similar only difference is ingredients. You can use left overs from previous nights dinner be creative, here is what I did with my session in May:

Here is what I did,
  • Browned ground meat with onion and garlic divided in thirds.
  • 1/3 for Taco meat, 1/3 for Pizza/Meatball Sub, and 1/3 for Cheesy Burger.
  • Then make each sandwich filling and place in a 3C plastic storage container that is long, flat, and rectangular with lids.
  • I will work on one type of sandwich and filling at time and refrigerate rest.
  • I.E. Biscuit Sandwiches first, then each filling. Then Bread Dough for Hot Pockets next with fillings, one filling at a time.

Follow Directions FROM THIS POST

Follow Directions FROM THIS POST-Only I left out the "tator tots" for this session.
  • Take your 1/3 of beef and add to favorite Tomato/Spaghetti Sauce
  • Layer 1/2 t sauce onto biscuit cup
  • Top with Toppings of choice Our favorites are:
  • Pepperoni, Caramelized Onions & Mushrooms, Pepperoncini Peppers, 
  • Use Sauce that you used for Pizza & Place 1/2 t in each biscuit Cup
  • Place Reg sized Meatball in center 
  • Top With Shredded Mozzarella

  • Mix Mayo and Mustard 2 to 1 ratio (meaning if I used 2 T of Mayo I would use 1 T of Mustard and so on)
  • I Roll  Chip-Chopped ham from deli then cut with scissors to make short order of it kinda like chiffonade style.
  • Mix Mayo mixture w/Ham and place into Biscuit Cup
I then will make half of all these ingredients into biscuits and half  into Freezer Pockets: directions below just chose the filling of choice from above!

Mini Cups:
  • Heavy Grease Regular sized Muffin pan
  • Place biscuits into regular sized muffin pans, pushing down center and pushing up sides slightly, Not too much pressure or might stick!
  • Layer ingredient of choice on top of biscuit
  • Bake according to package directions, (Typically 375 for 8-10 min) or until golden brown 
  • Allow to Cool, then package in Reynold's Wax paper sandwich bags and place as many wax bags that will fit comfortably into a gallon sized freezer bags without squishing them.
 Freezer Hot Pockets:
  • I can get 8 Pockets from each loaf of bread
  • I divide in half, then divide that half in half, then half again, pretty technical stuff!
  • Dust service with flour and dust rolling pin of choice (I like to use a mini rolling for for making small items like this)
  • Roll into Rectangles about a size and half of what you see hot pockets in store look like, (Told real Technical!)
  • Place ingredient of choice in center, leaving an edge of approximately 1/2" on short sides and 1/2" long sides as well
  • Use Fork and Crimp sides like a you would a pie to seal the edges and prevent leakage
  • Brush the corners with egg white wash and bake at 350 for 12-15 min until golden brown
  • I allow to cool completely, then package the pockets into Reynold's wax paper sandwich bags{I like these bags bc they go from freezer to microwave without any issues of BPA contamination.} Place as many wax bags that will fit in a gallon sized freezer bag as possible without "squishing" them.
  • Thaw overnight and reheat in microwave for 20-30 seconds. I have saved the "Crisping" sleeve from commercial pocket brands and have been able to reheat with a nice crisp on them for about 4-5 uses.
  • Open bag of diced hash browns and allow to thaw at room temp, & season with kosher salt, onion and garlic powder.
  • Scramble Eggs, season with salt and pepper, and cook thru.
  • Brown Sausage I like to mix 1/2 sage with regular seasoning.
  • Cool each and place in a large bowl, add in shredded cheddar and salsa to taste.
  • Warm tortillas slightly in microwave to soften and place 2 1/2 teaspoons in center of tortilla
  • Fold short ends over the sides and roll up like a burrito
  • Place each Burrito in a snack size bag, should fit perfectly- then place as many snack bags of tortillas that will fit without smashing them into a Gallon sized bag.
  • Thaw overnight, then remove from snack bag and place on microwavable plate and heat for 20-30 seconds.
PB&J Sandwiches:
  • So this is a "No Brainer" but this was such a light bulb experience for me and saves a ton of time when you really don't have any...
  • Take loaf of bread and divide in half, making 2 rows
  • Layer peanut butter on each piece of bread {8 oz of peanut butter will be just enough for a  "king sized" loaf of bread}
  • So spread Peanut butter on each slice, bc it will help the jelly from seeping thru when you freeze and thaw it
  • Place jelly on ONE SLICE of bread and spread evenly
  • Lay one slice over the other and make your PB&J sammies
  • I like to use Reynold's Wax paper sandwich bags then place each sandwich facing ONE way back into bread bag.
  • Freeze in bag, and place in lunch box in morning will thaw by lunch and help keep other things nice temp, In summer will still need an ice pack, but this will help keep things cooler! 
Mini Cherry Pies:
  • Place biscuits in muffin pan as described in earlier section and place a Tablespoon of Cherry pie filling, then layer with crumble topping
  • Bake according to biscuit directions and allow to cool before packaging into a gallon sized freezer bag as many will fit without squishing pies.
  • Place in lunch box and will be just right temp by lunch!

Shopping list:

12 refrigerator biscuit rolls
2 packages of frozen bread dough thawed (Or make 6 loaves of your fav bread dough)
1 LB bag of mini size meat balls
1 16 oz spaghetti Sauce
1 8 oz pkg.  of Hormel pepperoni mini slices
1 Lb sausage
1 dozen eggs
1 packages of 3 C- Cheddar Cheese
1 Packages of 3 C  Mozzarella
1 Pkg 3 C Mexican Cheese Mix
5 Lbs of Ground beef/Turkey (which ever is cheaper)
2 envelopes of Taco seasoning
1 16 oz jar of salsa
1 jars of Cheddar Cheese Sauce
1 Cans Golden Mushroom Soup
2 packets of Tortillas
1Lb Chip-Chopped ham
1 Bag Diced O 'Brian Hash-browns
2 loaves of bread {= 20 sandwiches}
1- 24 Oz jar of peanut butter
1-6 OZ  jar seedless black berry Jam
1 small 4oz or 8oz can of cherry pie filling (2 biscuits rolls from above)= 16 mini pies

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