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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Menu for 10-28-2012

Busy week with loads of important appointments, I am going to utilize 
my freezer pantry & crock pot to  
save money and time. 

This will also be a cultural week with Chinese, Greek, Italian, & Mexican dishes.

Breakfast Options:
Waffles, Buttered Toast, Cold Cereal, English Muffins & Jam, Bagels w/Cream Cheese, Hot Cereal, Yogurt, Smoothies and Fruit.

Lunch Selections:

Proteins:                                                  Sides:
Chicken Nuggets                                              Cottage Cheese          Carrots & Dippings
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sammies                 Applesauce                Veggie Chips & Hummus
Fish Sticks                                                Yogurt                       Pickles
Hot Ham & Cheese Sammies                      Pretzels                    Fresh Fruit of Choice
English Muffin Pizzas                                 Trail Mix                   Cheese Chunks
Left Overs From Supper                             Cheese Crackers       

Supper Offerings:

Orange Chicken w/ Stir Fried Broccoli and Brown Rice

Smothered Pork W/garlic Mashed Potatoes, Buttered Corn Nibblets, & Spinach Salad

Tacos W/ Refried Black Beans, Yellow Rice, Salsa and Chips

Greek stuffed Chicken, Roasted Potato Picatta, Hummus and Pita chips w/Carrots plus

Homemade Pepperoni Pizzas W/Sausage & Italian Cheese Calazones, Bread sticks plus Spinach Salad

Gyros w/Picotta Pasta, Lemon Grilled Asparagus, and Humus with Pita Wedges and Carrots

recipe and photo credit

Spaghetti w/ Bolognese Sauce  Garlic Bread & spinach Salad

Linked to Organized Junkie Menu Mondays 


  1. I’m visiting from Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday today. I’m also listening to ‘Cooking with Emeril’ on the Martha Stewart Show. He’s talking about a blood orange vinaigrette and fennel salad that just sounds so delicious right now.
    Looks like there’s going to be some amazing meals this week.
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Ty Berry Morins! Glad you stopped by!! :-), that does sound like an amazing salad I miss seeing him on TFN every night...SO far the Buttermilk Smothered Mushroom Pork Chops were the biggest hit, yummy!!

    I made it easy on myself this week the Mashed potatoes that were with Sunday's supper I baked so they had w newer twist and the rice I used on Monday's supper I am using on Wed and amping it up with salsa verde and sprinkle of turmeric (to make it yellow), and cumin with a splash of lime juice and cilantro at the end. The Greek inspired meal I am making on Thursday will help me on Sat and Friday's Italian night helps me on Sunday. This is so important as I have 3 major appointments 2 are out of town and will keep both my hubby and me occupied for the better part of the day....

    Glad u enjoyed my hard work, I am not sure my preschooler and toddler agree most dinner nights...but one day they will see the work and appreciate it!! :-)

  3. Leesy,
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I love it when people leave me comments such as yours.
    Chronic pain sufferers have to stick together.