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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


AS you know, I have been making my own laundry detergent- liquid for nearly a year now:
  • It has worked great, 
  • Saved us money, 
  • Helped us to make a smaller carbon footprints on the earth!! 

SUPER-DUPER-right?, only thing my whites have not been so "WHITE".... 
more like grey & dingy, so sad! 
I really don't want to use bleach, so I tried various whiteners, so far this formula I found has worked quite nicely!

DIY "Oxy-Cleaner" Soak for Whites
3 CUP Peroxide
2 & 1/2  CUP Water
2 & 1/2 CUP Baking Soda
  1. I mixed this into an upcycled, LARGE, WIDE MOUTH, Pickle jar. 
  2. Shake well & use  1/4-1/2 C on a HOT WATER setting& allow the water to fill up with laundry soap and clothes but stop before agitation begins.
  3. Allow WHITE clothes to soak for 20-30 min
  4. Continue with cycle and Wash clothes as usual
Another simple trick to whiten any white even those "stains" that clothe diapers get:
Hanging to Line DRY in the Bright Sun Shine will whiten any load!


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