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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This downward economy has effected so many of us that we all have had to buckle down and find ways to save a buck or two Most times it starts with the frivolous treats in the food budget & unfortunately the compromise in taste  that comes from this exchange often leaves us quite disappointed.......

Does this look awesome?  Read further...
But Boy-oh-Boy have I got good GREAT NEWS for you!!!!!!!! 

This is NOT of those times!!! 


OK, so it doesn't take me much to get excited what I am talking about is my early morning delights, the one thing that makes me feel more human, a tasty lil' delight I would like to call YUM! Or I guess to the lay person coffee.

 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE--did I mention LOVE and ADORE chai spices so I added that to my morning pot of JAVA & made it  JAVAID.  Translation ... DELICIOUSNESS!!!! 

I like a sweet creamy latte so I add 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, hey I didn't say it was low-cal, just low cost and HIGH FLAVOR content..... You can thank me later!!!

Enough chit-chat bring on the recipe!!

Items Needed:
  • 1 Coffee Pot {Mine makes 12 C I pour in water to 10 C line)
  • Filtered Water {Tastes better that way, but since we are on the "down-low I use plain tap)
  • Heat resistant Spoonula
  • Hazel Nut Coffee or Coffee Grounds of Choice {My perfect money saving tip, try using less coffee grounds, I know you are looking at me like I am nuts, but if you can do it you can save so much money just by using 1 T less grounds per pot of coffee to actually make 1 extra pot of coffee per can.. :-)
  • 1- Can sweetened condensed milk (SCM)- {I use the cheapest brand I can find) 
  • Coffee Filter
  • Can Opener 

The Spices Used
2 Cardamon pods opened and crushed
1-2 T Ground Cinnamon
1-2 t Ground Cloves
1/2-1 t Dried Ground Ginger (fresh grated doesn't have the correct flavor profile)
1/2 t fresh Grated Nutmeg or can use the ground version in spice aisle
1/8-1/2t ground allspice 

  1. ADD the spices above to the coffee filter along with the preferred amount of coffee. 
  2. ADD enough coffee grounds to make a pot of coffee minus 2 cups. For instance, my coffee maker makes 12 portions- I add enough coffee grounds to make 10 C pot.
  3. ADD water to your coffee maker leaving a 2 C portion space available on the water line.
  5. ADD SCM to the freshly BREWED pot of Java, be sure to scrape all the ooey, gooey, goodness from bottom, sides and top of can w/your heat resistant spoonula.
  6. STIR w/spoonula for 2 minutes, the heat of the coffee will help you to completely blend the SCM
  7. POUR into MUG/CUP of choice 
  8. ADD whipped cream and fresh sprinkle of cinnamon
  9. ENJOY!!!!!

  • I save more money by purchasing both Hazel Nut Coffee and Reg Coffee Grounds (My choice is Mild Mexican Ground), I add in a 2 -1 ratio, giving me a hazel nut flavor but saving me some $$.
  • My perfect 10 pot of coffee is 4T & 1 t of my coffee ground mixture
  • I usually only drink 1-2 mugs that is all I need, plus this isn't a low-cal beverage and personally I would rather eat my calories rather than drink them...                                   So WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE REST???
  • I am glad you asked....I am a cheapskate and semi-hoarder (YIKES!) so I saved the glass jars that once held pasta sauce about 19-28 oz jars with tightly fitting lids and I pour the coffee in them. Loosely place lids on top until completely cooled, will semi-seal them, once completely cooled tightly close them and store in fridge.
  • This allows me to have about 2-3 jars of coffee creamy Chai goodness at moments notice just awaiting me through out the day.
  • YOU can do this throughout your work day even if  you work away from home- WHY NOT use your thermos and pour this deliciousness in, take it work and when those co-workers do a coffee run to that $5/venti splash of this skinny soy that specialty coffee shop .... you say polietly "no thank-you", pocket that $5- not only have saved $$ but you know have made it exactly how you like. (No one can screw up your specialty drink  order or "accidentally" drink your coffee and leave you with their cup of gross espresso bitter  yuckiness...ohh this never happened to you???
  • Or you could be a sweetie and major brown-noser by show off you barsita skills or pinterst pinning "good taste" and brew  a couple pots. Bring your coffee goodness to work &  share with your favorite co-workers. Brownie points SCORED that saved you $5/serving, I think this is like .20/serving!!!!
  • IF you like to enjoy your latte iced but hate the way ice weakens your coffee as it melts, pour some of the coffee into your ice tray, freeze completely, & place "coffee cubes" into a gallon/pint storage freezer bags. Then when the mood strikes your fancy, place the coffee cubes into clear container of choice, (I Like to SEE my chilled work of art) and pour your chilled tasty treat over "coffee cubes",  top with whipped cream, sprinkle with cinnamon and add straw.....HMMMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMM!!!!
Ohh by the way........It's Later... :-)

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  1. OH.MY.WORD! I can't believe I'm your first comment. This is SOOOO ME! I love love love chai, and love the simplicity of this recipe....and all your wonderful tips too! Thanks ever so much for linking up at Weekend Potluck! Please come back again and bring another one of your amazing recipes!

    1. You are soo welcome!! Thank you for your encouraging words...even my hubby who doesn't like coffee loves this. I have tried not to indulge in the whole pot some mornings it is too hard not to!!