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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Teach Me Tuesday: How to MYO Garlic Olive Oil Remedy

You know the symptoms:
  • Ear pain, fever, fullness in the ear, hearing problems, or malaise {A general feeling of discomfort, illness, or uneasiness whose exact cause is difficult to identify.} 
AHHHH man, I think I am getting something....
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These are some of the common signs of an ear infection & unfortunately ear infections are often ignored at the onset as adults we expect them to wane with time. And as is the case with my toddler son who can't tell me what he is feeling I can usually tell by observation he is tugging at his ear, it is red, he is emotional, listless-then I know something is going on with his ears and grab the TNT remedies in my house...GARLIC & Olive Oil....crazy? 
If you have read my "Teach Me Tuesdays" posts you will remember my many posts on this, here are the links of some I mention Garlic Olive Oil: Onion-Garlic-Ginger Poultice, Garlic Oil for Ear Aches, When to Say When,  & Medicine Cabinet in Your Fridge/Pantry. And as often as I have sited the benefits of Garlic Infused Olive Oil- I have yet to post the remedy I use for ears...
I have often wondered the science behind the remedy and read this here "It has been used as a natural analgesic for ear infections for centuries. It works by soothing the walls of the outer ear and providing a layer of protection against bacterial infections."
Analgesic Garlic Olive Ear Ache OIl:
Sterilize the dropper bottle and the dropper by boiling in water for 15 minutes. Remove and allow to air dry.

Read more:
  • Peel & smash 4-6 cloves garlic and place in pan with 1/2 C Olive Oil. 
  • Heat olive oil for 5-7 minutes over low heat. You do not have to cook the garlic; the purpose of heating it is to mix the garlic oil with olive oil. 
  • Sterilize glass jar in boiling water for 10-15 min and allow to dry thoroughly 
  • Cool oil to room temp, at this point you can garlic & oil allow to sit at room temp for one week to make a stronger infusion.
  • Pour and strain the infused oil into a small glass container. 
  • Label with date & store in fridge
* I keep for no longer than 8 weeks-- if it is close to expiration date I will cook with it.
How I use the oil:
  1. Heat a pan of water and place jar of Garlic oil in water to heat gently. Check on wrist never use warmer than body temp, this just takes the chill of from being in fridge.
  2. With a sterilized ear dropper,  drop a few drops of this oil into the sore ear. 
  3. Massage with lymphatic drainage movements found in this post
  4. After a few minutes, plug the ear with a cotton ball. 
  5. The next morning, cleanse the ear with hydrogen peroxide. 
  6. Keep the cotton in your ear for the entire day, and repeat the oil treatment at night. 
This ear remedy provides immediate comfort and heals ear infections in a day or two. If garlic is not readily available, you can also use onion juice or cinnamon infused olive oil.
* Disclaimer I am not officially trained in homeopathic remedies or the medical profession, just a mom trying to keep my family healthy and use natural & non-chemical options as much as possible. All posts are my family's journey into the natural remedies use at own discretion- caution and common sense should be applied when trying any natural alternatives.
 **If ear has pus, bloody discharge, or has fever over 102 seek professional help immediately.

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