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Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 GOALS

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I reviewed my Goals of 2012, overall I have achieved as much as I could, the major surgery ended up being more major than any of us really planned for. 6 months and counting of healing put a tremendous strain on the financial, mental, overall health of our extended family & any goals I had planned on acheiving fell by the wayside
as just trying to survive was the main goal. Having that inability to breath after my last surgery caused issues with my damaged lung and then the STAPH infection followed by medical mistakes by the visiting nurse really gave us a new perspective and changed our lives and what we normal was to us.

We find ourselves in a totally different area than we thought we would be and now we are forced to make the budget tighter as we live on one income. I am so blessed that my husband is supportive and not resentful of the health issues that have prohibited me from working outside of the home for now

We are unsure when I will able to resume my role at the salon/spa I have worked at for over 20 years, but I have some new ideas so I can still be in touch and productive. I just have to set up a meeting with the owner(s) and hope he will be as forward thinking as I believe him to be and be on the same page as me. I am not sure what the outcome will be, either way I am excited to see what new role I will be playing and redefining who I am as a woman NOT defined by what I do for a living!

That aside I can only focus on what I can do, right now my goal is to get the household more organized & myself more organized:

Personal Goals
  • Spend more time in a purposeful way, not wasting time, plan more day Better and work the plan to include time not only in schooling the kids and therapy but LOVING my kids, showing them CHRIST, sharing my faith and LOVE of Christ, & my personal relationship with Him. 
  • Focus on time in the Word and in personal prayer and meditation. Spend time nurturing my relationship with Jim 
  • Redefine who I am and what I personally would like to achieve
  • Become more healthy, not only in terms of weight loss which I would love to see myself not just 60 Lbs thinner, but 10" off my waist and 2 sizes smaller which ever happens in 2013 would be my goal, but also a work out regime. 
  • I really would like to see a fitter abdominal area, especially after 4 major abdominal surgeries in 24 months, I would love to see that more toned!

Organize Household: 

  • Paperwork: for Legal Matters, All of Izak's Medical and Financial Programs, Medical Matter for myself, Insurance, 4O1K, and misc.
  • Laundry Room: Jim go through his work clothes, donate or dump extra clothes, Remover Clutter on counter tops & in cabinets
  • Storage Room: Go through boxes & dump/donate the unusable items, Paint, water barrel, record player, and misc items Jim has sneaked in there.
  • Craft Den: Shelves hung up & Organized- Use boxes and use green plaid fabric to adorn the outside for party & craft supplies like in Pin Board
  • Kid's Play Area:Buy old TV Stand to make a Play Clothes area for kids. Remove the wagon and make more storage, donate/sell unplayed with toys
  • Review Cleaning Plans in Control Journal: Review the weekly plan and WORK the plan!
  • Kissi's Homeschooling: Plan 4 weeks ahead of time. Purchase Work Boxes for BOTH kids! Have Kissi's work ready in morning each day, ready for her, work the schedule with more regularity- look to control journal!
  • Develop/RESEARCH , Organize pre-schooling homeschooling lessons monthly for Izak Set aside time to review and introduce lessons 2X's/Day
  • Chica Groomed regularly: Brushed- coat & teeth along with ears cleaned every week & bath every 6 wks. LOOK to control Journal.
  • Keep the DIY products: made regularly and main ingredients on hand at all times 
  • Outdoor Plans: Plan ORGANIC Herbal, Vegetable, and Herbal garden. Want to do raised bed, would be happy with small container garden. Really want to focus on herbs I can use in tonics, tinctures, salves, and homeopathic remedies as well as tomatoes I can can to use for purees and diced, sweet corn, potatoes, garlic scapes, garlic bundles, shallots. If I can swing it I would include, zucchini, peppers, green onions, peas, green beans, melons, pumpkins, lettuces, onions, sweet potatoes, cucumbers.
  • Organize Bedrooms: OURS: CULL old Clothes, clean off dresser tops and get shelves,
  • Kissi Bedroom: Purchase Twin Bed Matress and Foundation and Frame- Garage sale perhaps for frame ONLY & paint white,- OR ASK DAD FOR HIS OLD BED??, new light fixture, Repaint Walls, make new princess vinyl "wallies", New Princess Pictures, Bring up throw rug upstairs, Cull toys...
  • CURB APPEAL: Clean out front flower beds, pull some flowers and clean up weeds, perhaps some hanging baskets and flowers in widow boxes this year- maybe even herbs or veggies that take full south sun and LOVE dry??
  • Keep: Planning meals by week/month?Batch Cooking, focus on whole food cooking and healthy as possible culture as much food as possible, Make own yogurt and cheese
  • Eat as ORGANIC as possible: make monthly trips to Earth Fare, Trader Joes, Mustard Seed, Whole FOODsw/meal planning in mind for all 3 meals and 2 snacks/day for ALL family members
  • MORE GREEN in household: Cloth napkins, Cloth "Paper" towels, facial "tissues" 
  • IF able to afford: Side of Grass Fed Pastured Beef, Organic Chicken, Eggs, & Pork
  • Make Izak Training Pants & GET Izak POTTY TRAINED before 2014 & Wean Izak off of Binky
  • Focus on: ST, OT, & PT with Izak 15min/day (2 sessions day) 


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