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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Teach Me Tuesdays: Miracle Soap Scum Remover and MORE!!

This is such a simple formula- so simple in fact, I nearly didn't try it 
even though I knew about it for 
about a year!!!

I have struggled with soap scum in my bath tub for 2 years & 1/2 years- pretty munch since I was injured during the birth of my son and was unable to scrub my tub. 

I was in hosp in ICU on life support for nearly a month bc of that injury and had 12 months of recovery & during that time span a house hold plumbing job went awry and a faulty plumber torch valve caused a fire in my bath tub! Yeah, I know, who does that happen to?? The same people who get injured so badly during childbirth they nearly die "in the 21st century" apparently... Anyhow-The soap scum that had accumulated during that time was then "burned" into my enamel clad cast iron tub. 

What a nightmare, right? 

I couldn't take a bath for nearly 12 months, I could only do sink "baths" so I saw the mess but didn't really "see". Let's be honest I had a new born, a 2 year old, trying to survive life threatening injuries, an open wound the size of a foot ball in my abdomen that was 3" deep- requiring a wound vac, visiting nurses 3X's/wk and a faulty ileostomy pouch to deal with... yeah, UMM,  do you think I was even concerned about the soap scum??

The spray waiting to be wiped away!
Fast forward 2 years, after my 4th surgery in about 25 months time span and a 5th one possibly looming in the horizon, I AM SICK OF LOOKING at that 
      GROSS Soap SCUM!! 

Grrrrr, it grosses me out, I can't give the kids a bath totally yet, I have ways to work around it, but the wound in my abs can be excruciating at times and it is right smack dap where my belly button USED to be {SIGH!}...ANYWAYS.... I look at that icky soap scum and think what else is clinging to the tub besides soap scum???

I can't stand strong chemicals, since that birthing injury also caused my left lung to collapse harsh chemicals really affects me, the strongest "chemical" I can stand is Dawn Dish soap {Which incidentally is all we used to clean the soot from the ceiling, walls and surfaces after the fire...IT WORKED amazing, in fact that was all I used to clean my house until I noticed it left a film if I didn't rinse well, which took too long!} Soooooooooo, as I was saying, I have tried all my DIY remedies and was resigned to buy a bottle of Soft scrub with Bleach....I know, "Say it isn't so!"...BUT I was sooooo going to...

Picture Credit
 Then I remembered a year or so ago seeing a pin about dawn and vinegar working miracles on soap scum, so today I tried it. I was thinking perhaps this would work on a typical soap scum, but not only do I have soap scum isses bc of using all natural bar soaps and gels but some was "welded" on to the surface from the fire so I wasn't hoping for much.

Boy am I every glad to be wrong (for once LOL!), it really worked! All I had to was use a wash cloth no real scrubbing, I can't handle that yet, and no abrasive brushes, or pads like I thought I would. It just wiped off slick as a whistle.....REALLY COOL!  

Now I do see a little darkness in the bottom of the tub, this pic makes it look darker that it is in real life. The fire was in there, not as bad as it could look considering the whole torch was on fire in my tub for about 90 minutes melting kids bath toys and a plastic curtain to the bottom of the tub. 

You can barely see the darkened area on the tub, it isn't soap scum, but the left over from the fire...

All you need is equal parts Dawn, the original blue kind, & distilled HOT vinegar. That is it. The super concentrated dawn that is out there now will cause way too much suds in the rag/cloth you use to wipe it down with, {AKS ME HOW I KNOW!:-) I could barely rinse it out with the super concentrated kind. LOL! Here is the amount I used:

1/4 C (2 oz) Hot Vinegar {microwave 1 min}
1/4 C (2 oz) Original Blue Dawn 

Mix in Spray bottle. Spray onto surface allow to stand 2 hours or overnight. (Some ppl report using this formula as a base- or just the ingredients for oven cleaner, carpet cleaner, glass cleaner, bug remover, stainless steel cleaner, Whole house cleaner, wool cleaner, and so on...

Well I saw this post with this wand that you use for dishes with the "magic" potion inside...
Mmm, there are possibilities in that idea only the one key factor in making this work is the heating of the vinegar. 

I think this still has potential, I know some blogs I read said their family members know use the wand filled with this "magic potion" after each shower or face "their wrath"! Not sure how it works without heating vinegar, unless for upkeep perhaps it is not as necessary?

The only way I can see it working properly with hot vinegar is either I would have to figure on a way of heating it up b4 each use, or only make small amounts fresh each time, adding dawn last? I will think on it, bc the wash cloth I used to wipe down the tub is still bubbling! I think my hubby is going to throw it in with his GRIMY AWFUL STINKY WORK clothes and we might be posting a new launder aid from this... LOL!

Now excuse me while I take a bath in my sparkly clean tub, I know the 1970's lavender color, lime corroded water spout and handles (I am still looking for natural formula for that one) and tile surround make you soo jealous, you wished you had one just like it right? Well until we come into our millons, this one works and now that it isn't covered in soap scum it is clean, sparkly and fresh!!

Really Look at how SHINY it is! I know there are some really dark places in the grout in the corner, it isn't mold, its from the fire. Hubby calked the edges of tub to help w/the stains and used a grey grout to help as well... ONE day it will be new, like I said I am happy for now!!



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