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Friday, January 11, 2013

Frugal Fridays: REVIEW of DIY formulas in 2012

As I head into the 2013, I look back to the previous year and take inventory of what goals I have met and what I am striving towards in the new year.

I am still making my own:
  • Laundry Aids
  • Household General Cleaner
  • Window/Mirror Cleaner & Polisher
  • Antibacterial Cleaner
  • Floor & Counter Top Cleanser/Spray   
  • Soap Scum/Extreme Grease Cutter
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner  
  • Bath and Hand Soap
  • Beauty Products:
  • Oil Cleansing Method, Moisturizer, Mask, Serum, Eye Treatments, Deodorants, Bath Oils, Body Butters, Lip Balm, Tooth Paste/Powder, Mouth Wash, Face/Body Scrubs, Foot Cream
  • Bread & Bread Products  
  • Yogurt & Dairy Products

I made notes below on some of the "tweaking" I have done over the past year. Overall I am pretty pleased with my DIY/Frugal Products and Food stuffs.

Laundry aids
Detergent- I have been using the powdered version the last 2 times instead of the liquid only bc of time and health issues. With all the health and intense pain I have felt since July I am glad I didn't give in and purchase detergent, however my husband felt the liquid cleaned his grimy & greasy work clothes better. I have not noticed a difference in my own or children's clothes with the powder v. liquid- I do agree w/my hubby's clothes, the liquid made his clothes fresher smelling. 

I used ZOTE soap the 2nd time I made it as the Yardley's soap wasn't strong enough for the kids clothes or Jim's, but the 3rd time I didn't allow it to dissolve completely and it made a huge difference in the way it thoroughly cleaned his clothes. 

Then I tried Fels Napa Laundry Bar Soap-though cheaper and easier to obtain, I don't think it cleaned my hard working, 12 hour/day +, auto-manufacturing working husband's clothes as well as ZOTE, especially in the summer.

I think now that the pain has lessened, though still constant and at times overwhelming, I can choose to make the liquid when I am feeling good. We will then see if the liquid cleans any better for my hubby...

I have found ways to use the volatile Baking Soda and Vinegar mixture without it erupting in my face like it did the first time I made it. I really like the way it makes the fabric feel and the fact the vinegar has antimicrobial/antibacterial properties and with a son who gets into God only knows what I NEED that! 

Plus I really enjoy customizing my softener to the scent I WANT and not some artificial scent, I am still not convinced that there is NOT going to be some sort of repercussion for using all these synthetic fragrances in everything from laundry detergent, fabric softeners, hand soap, lotions, candles, perfume, shampoo, facial cleansers, body wash...

What is so wrong with allowing things to smell like they are supposed to? If they are so offensive in the natural state, perhaps we shouldn't be using them in the first place?? Just my thinking....

I like using Patchouli, Lavender, & Amyris, the aroma is divine!! I use this with my microfiber clothes and don't have to worry about the softener "gumming" up the precious fiber power. I LOVE the light way it scents all our clothes, bed, kitchen, and bath linens, it isn't over-powering just a lovely lingering scent.

Bath & Hand Soap:
The Ghana Black Soap recipe has been a keeper, this reformulated liquid soap could be used with any bar soap actually, I prefer to use natural and the black soap is so gentle and bubbly I LOVE IT! My skin feels amazing, I use it on a body puff for bath and shower get plus in my bathroom and kitchen sinks for hand soap. 

I didn't add EO to the larger refill bottle, I just add EO's as refill my hand soap containers & shower gel so I could customize each bottle and ensure the scent is fresh and vibrant.

Bread & Bread Products:
I have throughly enjoyed making homemade bread, it makes me feel so grounded and earthy. I love when the bread we eat is not loaded down with chemicals artificial preservatives. 

I have gotten off the wagon in the hot 100 degree days of July with my surgery and pain level off the charts, that was the last thing I was worried about. I did see a recipe from AB5MD site I make my master dough from, but didn't get to utilize that idea- I plan on doing that this summer though. I plan on getting more organized and making all our bread products including hot dog buns, pitas, tortillas, taco shells, Naan, flat bread, sandwich Bread, Shaped Chibatta and other shaped bread.

I will plan on purchasing a "Pullman" bread pan to make the "square sandwich type bread and "crab-roll" pan to make hot dog buns. I don't make hotdogs that often bc of the nitrates, preservatives and fillers, however I do crave a GOOD dog here and there, so I purchase Kosher, ALL BEEF, organic dogs when possible. My kids love Heroes from hot dog buns, so we will see, I might just shape small baguettes and use as dog buns, but it makes it too doughy, the "crab-roll" pan I saw on Amazon looked like what I want.

Yogurt& Dairy Products:
I  LOVED the homemade yogurt, the kids took some time to get used to the plain, but now that I have AWESOME homemade vanilla bean extract I think I can rival any artificial flavored yogurt. I feel like my tongue is tingling from the chemicals in the store bought yogurt, huh I HATE buying it!!

I CAN'T wait to get back on the wagon with this and make my own ranch dressing, tzatziki sauce, sour cream, Crème fraîche (My version anyways!), Greek Yogurt, cream cheese.

I haven't tried this yet but I am looking forward to making my own ricotta cheese as well!

Homemade Beauty Products:
Deodorant- I Definitely LOVE my formula, but NEED to use Arrowroot, cornstarch gave me a yeast issue, this homemade version is all that works for me!

Other DIY Beauty Formulas I will continue Using:

Make-up remover, Tooth Paste, Mouth Rinse, Facial Mask, Oil Cleansing Face Wash, Hair Mask, Facial Masks, Hair Cleansers, lip balm, rich night body and face cream, facial serum, body and face scrubs...all work great!

House Cleaning:
I really like the products I make: 
  • Produce Cleaner, Window Cleaner, Mirror polisher, Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polisher, Floor and Counter Cleaner.
  • Toilet Cleaner, Tub and Shower Cleaner, Mattress Sanitizer & Freshener, Household Sanitizer, Hand Dish Washing Detergent.
All I need to make these products is: Sal-Suds, Rubbing Alcohol, Vinegar, Baking Soda, Peroxide, Tea Tree, Micro-fiber clothes, toothbrushes, toothpicks, Chore Boy clothes, scrub brush, Dawn, & Soft Scrub w/bleach

I REALLY HATE using the last 2 products but there are times I just need the power of Dawn or soft scrub w/bleach. Funny that I used SCWB all the time, now when I use it, I can feel the bleach in my lungs, I HATE it, but I can't get the soap scum off of the bath tub without it. I used all the formulas out there, none has worked especially when you use natural soap with hard water, there is just some soap scum you can't get out any other way!     

UPDATE: 1/4/13
Just tried a last ditch effort on "natural DIY" soap scum cleaner, equal parts HOT vinegar & Dawn ORIGINAL dish washing liquid, that's it! Spray on and wipe, no real effort it just wipes off, I also forgot my steamer downstairs too, so I am going to be using it to clean again with microfiber clothes, the HOT vinegar/Dawn combo and steam and BOOM I will have a super soap scum and even a super grease cutter (I tried it on stove and worker pretty good with steamer I think it would AWESOME!)

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