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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

RECIPE WED #22: Bubbles & Squeak

A perfect warm up dinner in the winter time!!

This is a dish my momma 

would make often!! 

We loved it, she would change it up with what was available in the garden, grocery store, or even fridge

Kinda like a Shepperd's pie. 

My momma never called it "Bubbles and Squeak" 

but as I grew up I realized it wasn't just a "made up dish" it actually had a name...

Isn't this head of cabbage lovely?! This pic is from this blog.


  • 1 head of cabbage shredded
  • 3-4 pieces of bacon crisped and drippings saved
  • Additional bacon drippings if have or neutral tasting high temp oil
  • 1 small onion, diced
  • 2-3 C left over mashed potatoes, or 5-6 potatoes mashed with milk and butter, but make it drier than you normally would and place in the fridge to make colder.
  • 3-T Sour Cream
  • 3-T smoked paprika
  • 1-T ground mustard seed or prepared mustard
  • Kosher Salt & Fresh ground pepper
Looks like mine, but pic is not mine
  1. Crisp bacon & onion in large chicken frying pan, remove bacon and onions with a slotted spoon, & set aside leaving the drippings in the pan. 
  2. Add the cabbage in batches if won't all fit, will cook down soon.
  3. Mix sour cream, paprika, s & p, w/mashed potatoes 
  4. When cabbage is cooked down, and fragrant add in mashed potatoes and bacon/onion mixture. 
  5. Make sure the surface is well oiled if using a pan that does NOT have non-stick coating, which I DO NOT USE!!
  6. Slightly pat down with a spatula to resemble a "frittata/Mashed potato Pancake" of sorts. 
  7. Allow to crisp and crust on the bottom if you cannot turn without sticking and tearing, it does not have enough of a crust. 
  8. Flip and brown on the other side...


I like to make a "sauce" by:

  • thinning sour cream with a bit of milk, 
  • Add salt & fresh cracked pepper, 
  • A pinch of sugar, 
  • Palmful of smoked paprika, 
  • And finish with a sprinkle of parsley.
  • Mix together in a small bowl before you make the "Bubbles & Squeak" and place in fridge to allow flavors to meld (About 20-30 min)

Serve with a dollop of my"sauce"... 


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