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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Teach me Tuedays #2: Beauty Day, Bread making, Oatmeal Cake & Sensory Boxes...Oh MY!

Mini-me-moose was looking a little shaggy so I as he munched happily on his Cheerio's momma grabbed the cutting smock, her shears, thinning shears, special hair cutting comb, a spray bottle and SOME GUMPTION! This is mini-moose second hair cut, this one was a big boy but this time, I just couldn't take the shaggy ears and basic scissor over comb state board 90 degree angel cut it was with a graduated top at 45 degree angle.

If you have ever attempted to cut your children's hair before you quickly learn there is a reason the hair stylists charge the amount they do, it takes a skillful and QUICK hand to cut little one's hair especially under 2. But if you get them used to these little trims here and there while they are young when they get their trimmed at the Salon it isn't so traumatizing.

First thing, I find if I do this as soon as he gets up & while he is eating and princes sister distracts sitting in front and reading him stories it goes fairly smooth with him keeping as still as a 19 month can..I use small shears that I bought back in 1990 when I did hair it is a short cutting blade like 4", so I have loads of control with my cuts.

When doing a basic boy's hair cut is establish a neck line, cutting straight across, I like a semi-square neck line that follows the natural shape of his head. Then you fold the ears down and cut around the ears carefully.

GR8 pic depicting the basic boy cut.
I then take the hair in horizontal sections with the comb and lift the hair up at a 90 degree angel and take my shears over my comb using the established neck line as my guide starting from the elft to the right, shifting myself to the head, cutting the hair where it lives not dragging the hair to me. As I get to the occipital bone I graduate to 45 degree angel so you get that typical little boy's bair hair cut. I do the same 90 degree angel over each ear and once I am even w/the occipital bone I hold my comb at a 45 degree angle. The bangs I drag back to the crown and snip slightly so it is long enough to part.

Now comes the best part, unfortunately the kids do move so you end up with "oops" all the time, so using blending shears,( 44/20 shears are my fav), they blend the 45 and 90 degree parts as well so you don't end up with that awful bowl defined line. This will blend in "patches" or times when you lost your guide. This does look a lot like a clipper cut, with the shortness you can  achieve with the scissors over the comb, I like doing it this way bc I always nick my fingers when mini-moose moves and it is faster than using my finger to cut, plus I feel like I have more control than with the clippers if he decides he wants to know what the buzzing sound is.

Princess sister got her hair trimmed too, unfortunately her hair is so fine and thin that when brother mini moose gets upset and pulls her hair is breaks off. So much that the one side is actually shorter by 2 inches and thin & straggly looking. I feel so bad because she wants " 'Punzel" hair as she referrers to long hair, but after it gets longer than shoulder length it looks straggly. Hopefully as she gets older it will get fuller, it does have this gr8 body, however the underneath hair is quite curly/wavy and the top layer is poker straight. So getting an even cut is nearly impossible...the best option is classic bob with the side angled so the thin sides look deliberate. Her bangs are nice and thick so I have to notch them out, I hope this is sign of things to come.

Got oats soaking for Oatmeal cake, breakfast bars, made some Naan bread an Indian fry bread like an Indian version of flour tortillas or Greek's pita...yummy!! We ate them with crab salad and spinach, carrot, beet, banana smoothies, each smoothie was 2 oz of beets, carrots, and spinach so gr8 veggie side dish and no one has to know!! Shhh!!! :-)

While momma cleaned up Kissi played with homemade play dough, making dinosaurs, bereave dams, cookie shapes, and letters. Followed by dyed rice, she dug for treasure, caught her trying to sniff it and eat it, though is nearly 4 and I can't believe she tried to eat it, good thing the play dough and rice are non-toxic. She did get the rice stuck up her nose, good thing I was right there and just cuaght her sniffing it so it was easily dislodged....sheeeeesh!

Will talk about the benefits of soaking your oats and the result of the Oatmeal cake tomorrow!

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