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Monday, July 30, 2012

Menu Mondays: #2 Carry In Meal for a Shut-In

My church is so awesome and the community of believers that attend really care & cares for each other; even  my family has been blessed the last few years by the meal ministry.  When I heard of a family what was in need of a carry in meal I was glad for the chance to give back.

I just heard about the carry-in meal sign up via the web through this site called Take Them a Meal, it is a really cool site- 
  • basically a virtual sign up spread sheet 
  • that allows people to sign up to bring a meal to a family/person in need, 
  • list their contact info, 
  • meals they are bringing 
  • and date they choose to bring a meal. 
I have tried to organize meals for families before and this would have been soo much easier.

You just set up the page with
  • a brief description of family's dietary needs, 
  • tastes, 
  • address and phone number 
  • a link so others can sign up online.
I love that I can see what others are bringing so as a meal bringer I know if the family has all ready had pot roast and mashed potatoes once that week and the person in charge doesn't have to keep all that info at hand. I also think it makes meal bringers more responsible for what they sign up for, that used to drive to me nuts when people would act like I was responsible to remember what time THEY signed up for- GRRRRR....anyways that is one of my many  issues...let's move on to the meal I choose.

The family I made a meal for is a family of 8 with teenage boys, so I chose a Mexican night.
 It is all ways a hit with my kids and after speaking with the mother it sounds like I made the right decision. 
Here is what I made:

* Crock Pot Mexican Chicken
 {4Lbs split chicken breasts, chicken stalk, kosher salt, pepper, 1 Cup pepperoncini pepper brine and 5 peppers,  3 T adobo seasoning, Cilantro}
* Mexican Ground Beef
 {2 1/2 Lbs ground beef/turkey breast blend, adobo seasoning, cilantro, green onions, kosher salt, pepper, chopped onions, minced garlic
* Fiesta Rice
 {cooked rice, chicken stalk, chopped onion, minced garlic, lime juice, cilantro, black beans, corn, adobo seasoning, kosher salt, pepper, chopped tomatoes}
* Refried Black Beans
 {black beans, bacon drippings, chopped onions, ground chipotle peppers, kosher salt and pepper}
* Homemade Salsa
 {Canned diced tomatoes, chopped onions, lime juice, cilantro, adobo seasoning, kosher salt, pepper, canned tomatoes with green chilies}
* Guacamole
 {Avocado, lime juice, cilantro, adobo seasoning, kosher salt, pepper, chopped tomatoes}
* Torillas
 {Vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, chocolate cookie crumb crust, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, mini reese's peanut butter cups, whipped cream}

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