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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teach me Tuesdays: Onion Garlic & Ginger Poultices

All weekend I have been using onion,garlic, and ginger poultices on the children,
PIC From this site

  1. Applying a light coating of EVOO on backs, chests, and feet. to protect delicate preschooler/toddler skin. 
  2. I sliced an onion, smashed up 3 cloves of fresh garlic, and grated 3 T fresh ginger 
  3. Placed in pan with a little water.
  4. Saute on low until veg starts to steam and very warm--do NOT over-cook, only open up juices and enzymes, really heating up a light simmer.
  5. Then I placed the mixture in a thin cotton cloth (old dipes not ever used as dipes, the old fashioned kind you had to fold into a prefold shape)
  6. Wrapping like a burrito.
I placed on back for up to 10-15 min as long as Kissi-cat let me, checking skin every 2min garlic can cause burns. I placed other poultices on chest and foot I placed a qt size freezer bag over to hold in place. Mini-moose wouldn't allow me longer than 2 min of application.

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